Charred Corn + Bacon Pizza with a Cream Cheese Stuffed “Everything” Crust

I have to be honest – there are a million thoughts swirling in my head right now.

“What should I pack for the weekend?”
“What dress should I buy for Logan’s wedding?”  (this is taking up way too much room in my brain)
“How am I going to decorate for an event that I’m ‘hosting’ on June 1?”
“What are we going to do with Haines next weekend?”
“What are we going to do Memorial Day weekend?”

I feel better now.

(please know that none of these “worries” are serious – I’m just having a hard time concentrating on one task at a time currently.)

But because I need to seriously pack for the weekend I’m going to skip my favorites around the WWW this week and share with you an insane pizza we made a couple of weekends ago.



We started our pizza like most and made our favorite dough from Jessica’s cookbook.  But we made the crust a little more insane by adding a cream cheese filling to the outside and then sprinkling the crust with an “everything bagel” seasoning that included sesame seeds, garlic flakes, onion flakes, poppy seeds and flaked salt.

The pizza itself was topped with fontina cheese, charred bacon, red onion and even more cheese (fontina and mozz).  After baking, top the pizza with a sprinkle of green onion.

Ya’ll – this pizza was so good.  I think we ate in silence with a few “this is so good” statements thrown in here and there.

MAKE THIS PIZZA.  You don’t have to make your dough from scratch.  But you do have to STUFF the crust.


p.s. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the fabulous moms out there.  I am incredibly blessed to have my Momma and there’s no one else that deserves more celebrating than her.  But I was also blessed with two amazing mother-in-laws when I married Big Guy.  Sunday will probably be a little sad for Big Guy because we won’t have his Mom to call or wish a Happy Mother’s Day but I am so thankful for her and for the man Big Guy is today.  Big Guy’s step-mom (a word we don’t really like to use because she’s so much more than that) also deserves celebrating and we love her SO much for all she has done for us both.


Coconut Shrimp with Raspberry Mango Chile Sauce

You guys!!!

Big Guy has always loved coconut shrimp.  I remember in our early years of dating, if we found ourselves at Sharkey’s at OIB, he always requested the coconut shrimp.  And while those were delicious, I’m fairly certain the ones we made on Saturday are way better.

I deviated a little bit from the original recipe so I wanted to let you know my changes.  I made the sauce a few hours before we were planning to eat so that it would have time to cool to room temperature.  The sauce started with Bolthouse Farms Mango Smoothie (the original recipe used their blood orange juice – our little town didn’t have that flavor and so I adjusted as I saw fit) that I whirled in a blender with fresh raspberries to mimic the original flavor profile.  The mango-raspberry mixture is then brought to a boil along with rice wine vinegar, sugar and a little water.  Once thickened, the chili sauce (I used garlic chili sauce that you find on the ethnic aisle – green top!) and the cornstarch mixture are added to the sauce.  Reduce the heat and allow the sauce to thicken.  Turn off the heat and let sit/cool until you’re ready to eat.

For the shrimp, high quality, wild caught, and local is the best.  The shrimp, once peeled, are dipped in flour (I used rice flour), then an egg and coconut milk wash (I could not find the other smoothie that the recipe called for so I used an equal amount of coconut milk) and finally in a mixture of shredded coconut, Panko bread crumbs and almond meal.

But you’re not quite ready to fry the shrimp – refrigerate for 30 minutes before frying.  This is a new-to-me tip as we’ve made coconut shrimp before but I honestly believe it made a huge difference in the final product.  Also, make sure to season ALL three components of the breading (flour, coconut milk wash, and coconut/Panko mixture) with salt and pepper.

The shrimp are then fried in about 2 inches of vegetable oil until golden brown and cooked through.


These shrimp were everything.


A little spicy.



Coconutty (totally a word).

And absolutely irresistible.