Baby Girl Watson {37 weeks}

Today marks 38 weeks – so let’s recap what’s been going on the past week in the world of being pregnant.


Size of Baby: Last week, baby was the size of romaine lettuce – about 6.2 pounds and 19 inches.  The doctor guessed that she’ll be a 7+ pound baby at my last appointment.

Weight Gained:  Still holding at the 10 pound mark.

Workouts/Exercise:  I truly believe that exercise has made this pregnancy as “easy” as it’s been.  I’m still teaching about 5-7 classes a week.

Sleep:  Still waking up whenever I change positions but I’ve come to realize that sleep is something I won’t be getting much of for the next 18 plus years.

Symptoms:  She’s still moving like crazy – especially after I eat.  And she gets the hiccups at least every other day which is so funny to me.  I’m still wearing my wedding rings and my belly button is still intact (until I sneeze).

Food Aversions:  None!  But I also don’t always know what I want – especially when it comes to dinner.

Cravings and Favorite Foods:  I’ve really wanted to jump on here and tell you that I’ve been craving french fries dipped in ice cream but it just hasn’t happened.  All things cheesy sound amazing though.

Looking forward to…:  Meeting this little girl that’s been housed inside of me for 9 months now.  I can’t wait to see her little face.

Baby/Pregnancy Purchases:  All the not-so-fun postpartum items were purchased last Saturday.  I would like to buy her a few more headbands (random, I know) but other than that, I think we’re good until we know how big she is (as far as wanting to buy more clothes).  And I’m also realistic in knowing we’ll probably Amazon-Prime a few things once we bring her home.

Other:  I finally organized the pantry and I got my hair done today.  Basically, we’re ready (hah!) when she’s ready.  So now it’s a waiting game.  Will she come in a week or will she drive me crazy and wait three weeks…


Baby Girl Watson {weeks 35 & 36}


Size of Baby: Week 35 was my favorite comparison – a pineapple!  And week 36 was a papaya.  At this point, BGW should be between 17 and 18.5 inches long and around 4.2-5.8 pounds.

Weight Gained:  At my 36 week appointment last Thursday, I was up 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Workouts/Exercise:  Still moving  I am trying to space out my high intensity workouts and not have them on back-to-back days.

Sleep:  She’s definitely preparing me for nighttime feedings.  Every time I change positions at night, I wake up.  It’s become more of a “chore” to turn my body (aka belly) over.

Symptoms:  Lots and lots of baby movement!  She is getting those arms and legs ready to stretch.  And I’ve also noticed that I’m really tired in the afternoon – very similar to the first trimester.  BGW is using up a lot of my energy to grow.

Food Aversions:  None!

Cravings and Favorite Foods:  Pepperoni.  We were ordering a pizza with my parents last weekend and I couldn’t get pepperoni off my mind.  And then we made a calzone on Saturday night and the recipe called for prosciutto but I just had to have pepperoni.

Looking forward to…:  Post-birth things like baby snuggles, wearing all my clothes (I know, this may take a while) and WINE.

Baby/Pregnancy Purchases:  This past Saturday we went to Buy Buy Baby and purchased everything that we did not receive from our registry.  I’m most excited about our stroller being delivered.

Other:  All of her clothes are clean and hanging in her closet.  And her room is ready for her arrival.  I find my mind drifting a lot to what life is going to be like with her around and I know that despite our world being turned completely upside down, it will be the best thing that ever happens to us.  It’s been Big Guy and I, just the two of us, for so long.  I also can’t stop thinking about what she’s going to look like, how much she is going to weigh and what her little personality is going to be like.  And on another note, I’m a worrier by nature but I’ve actually been fairly worry-free throughout this pregnancy.  Until now.  I think because we’re so close to having this baby that I can’t help but worry about the unknowns of when she’ll come (aka when I’ll go into labor) and the unknowns of things that can go wrong.  I try to push all the negative thoughts out of my brain as they come, but I can’t lie – I’m afraid.

Baby Girl Watson {week 34}

Happy New Year!  I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a new year.  I’m usually a little bummed after Christmas Day because there is so much effort put into 12 hours that fly by so fast.  But this year I have so much to look forward to (some of it absolutely terrifying).

Since Christmas, we’ve been getting a few things done around the house and just having a little down time.  Big Guy turned the big 3-5 yesterday and we also squeezed in one last Christmas celebration with his family on Saturday.

Today is the start of week 35 for me and since I had a doctor’s appointment this past Friday, I thought I might give you another pregnancy update.  (I promise I’ll share recipes the rest of the week!)


Size of Baby: Butternut Squash.

Weight Gained:  So this is a first – I lost weight over Christmas “break.”  And I really have no idea how.  My only guess is that my metabolism has increased and therefore I’m burning more calories even when I’m not trying to burn calories.  So I’m up 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Workouts/Exercise:  I’m moving every day – whether it’s a workout with weights or simply getting my 10k.

Sleep:  It’s getting more difficult to fall asleep.  And even though I’ve always been one to wake up once to go to the bathroom, on Friday night I went five times in two hours.  It was insane.

Symptoms:  I’ve noticed more tightening of the belly so I’m assuming I’m having Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I’ve also had a few instances where my belly button hurts to touch.  I think my skin is stretching, perhaps.

Food Aversions:  None!

Cravings and Favorite Foods:  I made a red velvet cake for Big Guy’s birthday and it’s just about the best thing ever right now.

Looking forward to…:  My baby shower in Charlotte next Sunday!

Baby/Pregnancy Purchases:  No more until after my baby shower.

Other:  I’m hoping to work on BG’s baby book this week and next week.

Baby Girl Watson {weeks 32 & 33}


Size of Baby: Squash and Celery.  I’m not really believing the “squash” comparison but BG is around 17 inches long and a little more than 4 pounds.

Weight Gained:  As of last Tuesday, I’m up by a little less than 9 pounds.  I have another appointment on Friday so I’m sure we’ve had a little more weight gain.

Workouts/Exercise:  Still going strong.  Like I’ve said, I’m listening to my body and modifying as necessary.  Some balance exercises are starting to prove a little more challenging.

Sleep:  No more late night hunger episodes have happened but I do find myself shifting positions several times during the night.  I’ve always been one to wake up to use the bathroom but it’s happened more than once a few nights over the past two weeks.

Symptoms:  She’s still having moments of putting pressure directly on my bladder.  I’ve also noticed I’ve been a little clumsy some days – dropping things mostly.

Food Aversions:  None!

Cravings and Favorite Foods:  My entire pregnancy I’ve loved my Fage yogurt bowls in the morning with a crunchy cereal, chia seeds and peanut butter.  On Christmas Eve, my Mom served a cheesy bread that was absolutely divine and tasted better than it’s ever tasted before.

Looking forward to…:  Nesting.  And being able to drink wine again.  Not being able to have my Christmas morning mimosas made me sad.  Being able to wear ALL my clothes. As you know, I haven’t purchased too many maternity items so I’m wearing the same thing over and over and I’m starting to get bored with myself.

Baby/Pregnancy Purchases:  Hangers for her closet so I can start nesting.  I also got a few items for Christmas:  closet size dividers, a stroll-o-meter (so I can track my steps on our walks), a few onesies, nursing pajamas, a play mat for BG, and a gorgeous baby book that I plan on working on later in the week

Other:  The curtains have arrived and they should be hung by the end of the day tomorrow.  We tried today but we had the wrong size of the pin hooks we needed.  Christmas was absolutely wonderful and I loved seeing all BG’s cousins enjoying the magic of the day.  I know that Christmas (and all other holidays) will be so much sweeter once she arrives.

Baby Girl Watson {weeks 30 & 31}


Size of Baby: Zucchini and Asparagus. I’m starting to think they ran out of veggies to appropriately pair with each week.  But BGW is somewhere around 3.5 pounds and 16 inches long.

Weight Gained:  Last Tuesday I weighed in at 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.

Workouts/Exercise:  Still going strong.  I actually think workouts have gotten easier as I’ve gotten used to my growing belly.

Sleep:  Much better than the previous recap.  But two nights last week I woke up starving in the middle of the night.  I considered a snack but forced myself to wait until morning.

Symptoms:  The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that BGW has found my bladder.  Sometimes she gives me a big swift kick (or punch) and it’s quite uncomfortable.

Food Aversions:  None but as I was thinking about this one (and wanting to tell y’all something interesting), I realized I’ve really had no desire for Asian food.

Cravings and Favorite Foods:  Breakfast has always been my favorite meal but even more so the last couple of weeks.  And this past Saturday I had a hankering for chips and guacamole and thankfully we were able to make that happen.

Looking forward to…:  Finishing up the home renovations inside this week.  They’ve promised to be done by Wednesday.  And I’m holding them to that.  Once the renovations are done, we can start organizing closets and nesting.

Baby/Pregnancy Purchases:  Pillow inserts for her monogrammed pillows.  I think that’s all.  Like I mentioned, we’re kind of waiting until January to figure out what we’re missing.

Other:  My shower last Sunday was perfection.  It was so wonderful (and a little overwhelming) to have so many people in one place just for ME (and baby girl).  I loved seeing faces of those I don’t see very often and it meant the world to have my Momma and sister as well as my MIL and SILs there.  And yesterday we hung everything up in BG’s room.  The room looks so big now that stuff isn’t all over the place.

Baby Girl Watson {weeks 28 & 29}

And just like that, Christmas is in full swing.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Chris’ family last week before it became all about the trees.  I headed to Charlotte early Sunday morning so I could see all my nieces and nephews and attend one of my nephew’s first birthday party.  And while we all missed Big Guy, it was great to see the family since I won’t see most of them again until Christmas.  Yesterday was spent decorating the house and trying to continue straightening up after the renovations.  I’m praying they finish Big Guy’s office very soon so we can get the inside of our house 100% back to normal.  Today they’re knocking down our existing deck so they can build a screened in porch – very exciting.  I’m now 30 weeks and it’s crazy to think that in about 10 weeks we’ll have a little girl in our lives.  Here’s a recap from the past two weeks!


Size of Baby:  Eggplant and Acorn Squash.  Baby Girl weighs about 3 pounds.

Weight Gained:  As of a week ago, a little under 6 pounds.  I might have added a pound or two over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Workouts/Exercise:  Still going strong.  Obviously I’m not doing ab work and I’m very aware of my heart rate making sure to slow down when needed. But working out still feels good and I know it’ll help with recovery post-delivery.

Sleep:  Oh boy.  This is where things are getting a little tricky.  One night I’ll sleep like a baby and the next I toss and turn until midnight.  I’m not sure pregnancy is 100% to blame, but I think it’s part of the problem.

Symptoms:  Like I’ve said all along, I’ve felt incredible overall during this pregnancy.  A have a few aches and pains and if I have a super busy day, my body knows it come 6pm.  I’ve also noticed that when sitting and standing, I now make sound effects.  There’s lots of huffing and deep sighs.  It just takes more effort to do things and my ab muscles aren’t helping at all.

Food Aversions:  None.

Cravings and Favorite Foods:  I’ve been loving a little sweet treat post-dinner which is not something I did before pregnancy.  But no crazy cravings or “I gotta have that” moments.

Looking forward to…:  Finishing up the nursery!  The rug arrived and we finally have the big furniture in it’s place.  A few items are in transit and I’m excited to be able to put everything in it’s place and figure out what we need.  OH, and my first baby shower is this weekend here in town.  It’ll be nice to see all my girlfriends and celebrate this precious baby.

Baby/Pregnancy Purchases:  Items for the nursery!  I’m waiting until after my showers to really buy clothing and other items for her since I’m not exactly sure what I’ll need.


Baby Girl Watson {weeks 24-27}


Week 24 {cantaloupe):  This was not a fun week when it came to pregnancy.  I experienced stomachaches and heartburn and had absolutely no desire to eat for most of the week.  I am attributing this “bad” week to a growth spurt because I POPPED.  Big Guy couldn’t believe how much my belly had grown after not seeing me all week.  There were lots of little baby kicks which helped me get through the week.

Week 25 {cauliflower}: And this week, a cold hit me hard.  It started with a sore throat and then progressed to a “smokers cough” and then a runny nose.  The worse part was disrupted sleep.  But I didn’t have any stomach issues and I was hungry again (yay!).  This was the week that I officially gave up my pre-pregnancy workout pants.

Week 26 {kale}:  I finally started feeling better after last weeks cold.  This week was full of baby kicks.  Home renovations got underway and the guest bedroom is officially the nursery now.  We ended week 26 by ordering some fun things for BG’s nursery.  I tell ya, she’s going to have the best room in the house.  Teaching and personal workouts are still holding strong and I’m still doing burpees without modifications.  I feel the need to mention that there is no need for y’all need to worry about me buying “all the things” for BG but instead, it’s Big Guy you need to worry about.

Week 27 {lettuce}:  The last week of my second trimester!  Crazy.  There is officially no hiding this bump – but I don’t mind, it’s nice to actually feel like you look pregnant instead of just “fluffy.”  According to the scale, I’ve gained 5.2 pounds since I found out I was pregnant.  And trust me, I eat – a lot – but I am very active. I can’t help but start to imagine what (or who) this little girl is going to look like.  On Wednesday I also had an ultrasound that ruled out a scheduled C-section.  BG weighs in at 2.5 pounds and was moving around like a wild woman.  This ultrasound more than likely is my last so we won’t see her again until her birth day.  I also passed my glucose test – WOOT WOOT.  Trust be told, it wasn’t that bad.  It was super sweet and tasted like a flat Sprite.  I was very happy to have my straw, though.

Now that I start going to the doctor every two weeks (and having to meet all the doctors at the practice) I may start giving updates more often – and be more specific as I feel like during the last trimester I’ll see the most change.

Have a great week!