Baby Girl Watson {weeks 24-27}


Week 24 {cantaloupe):  This was not a fun week when it came to pregnancy.  I experienced stomachaches and heartburn and had absolutely no desire to eat for most of the week.  I am attributing this “bad” week to a growth spurt because I POPPED.  Big Guy couldn’t believe how much my belly had grown after not seeing me all week.  There were lots of little baby kicks which helped me get through the week.

Week 25 {cauliflower}: And this week, a cold hit me hard.  It started with a sore throat and then progressed to a “smokers cough” and then a runny nose.  The worse part was disrupted sleep.  But I didn’t have any stomach issues and I was hungry again (yay!).  This was the week that I officially gave up my pre-pregnancy workout pants.

Week 26 {kale}:  I finally started feeling better after last weeks cold.  This week was full of baby kicks.  Home renovations got underway and the guest bedroom is officially the nursery now.  We ended week 26 by ordering some fun things for BG’s nursery.  I tell ya, she’s going to have the best room in the house.  Teaching and personal workouts are still holding strong and I’m still doing burpees without modifications.  I feel the need to mention that there is no need for y’all need to worry about me buying “all the things” for BG but instead, it’s Big Guy you need to worry about.

Week 27 {lettuce}:  The last week of my second trimester!  Crazy.  There is officially no hiding this bump – but I don’t mind, it’s nice to actually feel like you look pregnant instead of just “fluffy.”  According to the scale, I’ve gained 5.2 pounds since I found out I was pregnant.  And trust me, I eat – a lot – but I am very active. I can’t help but start to imagine what (or who) this little girl is going to look like.  On Wednesday I also had an ultrasound that ruled out a scheduled C-section.  BG weighs in at 2.5 pounds and was moving around like a wild woman.  This ultrasound more than likely is my last so we won’t see her again until her birth day.  I also passed my glucose test – WOOT WOOT.  Trust be told, it wasn’t that bad.  It was super sweet and tasted like a flat Sprite.  I was very happy to have my straw, though.

Now that I start going to the doctor every two weeks (and having to meet all the doctors at the practice) I may start giving updates more often – and be more specific as I feel like during the last trimester I’ll see the most change.

Have a great week!



Baby Girl Watson {my maternity closet}

Let me first start by saying that my “maternity closet” doesn’t include a ton of new items. I was incredibly lucky in that I was able to wear all my “regular” clothes throughout my first trimester and most of my second trimester.  And even now, as I am about to enter into my third trimester, I’m still wearing mostly non-maternity tops that were already in my closet.  Thankfully I don’t wear super tight tops to begin with so many of my sweaters fit perfectly though some of my shirts are beginning to be a little too short.  I’m also incredibly lucky in that I don’t have to “get dressed” for work during the week.  I live in workout clothes and have one or two days during the week that I need clothes to wear out in public and then the weekends.  My goal is to purchase as few items as necessary because I won’t be wearing them for very long and while there are lots of options out there now, a lot of those options are very expensive considering I only have three more months of dressing this bump.  So yes, I am repeating outfits and I’m also using jewelry and shoes to change things up.  All that to say, here are some of my favorite items that I’ve purchased.


27 weeks wearing a non-maternity Lilly dress that I’ve had for several years.

The Bellaband.  This was the first item I purchased that was clothes-related after finding out I was pregnant.  This was a lifesaver when it came to making my summer wardrobe carry me through summer (and into fall).  I also have a feeling I’ll use this post-baby when I’m in between sizes.  I purchased the band in white and wore it with shorts and jeans and loved how it smoothed and allowed me to keep my pants unbuttoned.

Maternity Crossover Panel Active Capri (Ingrid and Isabel for Target).  I am the proud owner of four pairs of these workout pants.  Two weeks I officially retired my non-maternity workout pants that simply had too much compression for my growing belly.  These pants are perfect and I wear them daily.  They stay up and are incredibly comfortable.  The price tag is also much easier to digest than a lot of the other workout pants I looked at.  I wear a medium in these pants.

Almond-Neck T-Shirt (Ingrid and Isabel for Target).  I own this shirt in all three colors and it’s my go-to t-shirt to wear around the house with yoga pants.  This shirt is so soft and comfortable enough to sleep in.  A true maternity closet essential.  I wear a medium.

Maternity Belly Support Leggings.  My favorite leggings EVER.  I save these leggings for leaving the house and they are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn.  I plan on ordering a pair of their non-maternity leggings post-baby.  They are a little high maintenance in that you’re encouraged to wash inside out on a delicate cycle which is why I don’t use them as my lounge pants.  They are thick enough to wear out in public and not feel like you’re showing too much.  They aren’t the cheapest leggings on the market but I can’t recommend them enough (and neither can a lot of celebrities which is how I found these gems).

Citizens of Humanity Secret Fit Belly Avedon Ankle Maternity Jeans.  My favorite non-maternity jeans are Citizens so it’s no surprise I wanted a pair of their maternity jeans.  These are the only pair of maternity jeans I’ve purchased and I don’t plan on purchasing any others.  Yes, these are a little pricy but I’d rather have one good pair of jeans than five mediocre pairs.  I’ve learned that I love pants with the over-the-belly panel but they make these in under-the-belly, too.

7 for All Mankind Secret Fit Belly Ponte Maternity Pants.  My third and final pair of “out of the house” maternity pants.  Between my jeans and these, I would say that these fit the best.  However, I had hoped these pants would have been a little looser in the legs so I could wear them the church but they actually fit more like a legging.  Regardless of whether I can wear them to church or not, they fit perfectly and I know I’ll be wearing them on repeat over the next three months.  My only complaint:  dry clean only.  Whomp whomp.

Simona Maternity Dress.  This is a recent purchase and it will be “the” dress for me over the holiday season  What does that mean?  You’re going to see it over and over again.  It’s incredibly comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down.  It’s basically the maternity “little black dress.”

This past weekend I ordered a few long sleeve shirts from Old Navy and I picked up a few tank tops from Target to wear under my sweaters and cardigans.  But other than that, I’m hoping that the above items will help me mix and match my way through the next few months as I dress my bump.

Baby GIRL Watson {weeks 14 – 18}


Can you believe it?  We’re having a baby girl.  We are beyond excited to be adding lots of pink to our life in the coming months.  Our gender reveal party yesterday was everything I wanted and more with the only mishap being a missing cake topper (still not sure where that ended up…).  We had everyone pick “football” or “flamingo” as their guess and I think it was pretty even.  Obviously we were praying for healthy over anything else and cannot wait to meet Baby Girl Watson.

And while we’re talking baby, here’s a look at the past few weeks of pregnancy:

Week 14 {Peach}:  I started to have a few mild headaches especially in the afternoons.  Thankfully they never got too bad.  Excitement was building over home renovations as well as knowing I had appointments at 16 and 18 weeks.

Week 15 {Orange}:  Starting to feel a little “thick” around the middle.  Anxious about upcoming appointments but feeling really good.

Week 16 {Avocado}:  Still having vivid dreams and starting to get a “baby bump.”  I’ve had zero weight gain thus far (woot woot) and loved being able to hear the heartbeat at my 16-week visit.  So far I’ve bought three maternity items:  leggings, a sweatshirt and a t-shirt.

Week 17 {Pomegranate}:  New symptom:  “pinching” in my lower abdomen which must be stretching.  Baby Watson went to his/her first ECU football game and didn’t seem to bring much luck (hah!).  No cravings or aversions this week.

Week 18 {Artichoke}:  BIG WEEK!  On Thursday I went in for the anatomy scan and at this point Baby Watson looks healthy and happy.  SHE  is quite photogenic according to the ultrasound tech.  She’s measuring normal and I am so relieved that all seems to be going well thus far.  I had a little nervousness and anxiety since we didn’t find out the gender until Sunday surrounded by family but I did have TWO dreams that it was a baby girl.  I am still fitting into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes though some items just aren’t comfortable (too tight!) around the waist anymore.

As we enter into week 19, I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway through the pregnancy.  I continue to be thankful for my health and that I’ve “had it easy” so far.  Praying that I continue to have a healthy pregnancy and that Baby Girl Watson continues to be healthy and develop normally.