Friday Favorites

I am beyond “over” this week.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been in a funk for the past week and it’s quite ridiculous.  I partly blame the weather.  But it’s Friday and the end of the work week is in sight.  Despite the not-so-lovely weather, I’m determined to have an amazing weekend.  It’s going to be full of relaxing, wine and food.  Oh, and I plan on throwing in a kick-my-rear workout on Saturday morning.  #balance

So if you’re “over” this week, too, – I feel your pain.  And if you’ve been “happy as a clam” all week – send some of those joyful vibes my way.

Either way – here are my favorites of the week.

Favorite From Scratch:  Hummingbird Cake.  Appropriate for all Southern gatherings – but I think Easter would be the perfect time for me to break out the mixing bowls and spoons and make this gorgeous cake.

Favorite DIY:  Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs.  My love for dying Easter eggs will never go away.  And how cook and creative are these vibrant eggs?  (Don’t worry, Maggie, Haines and I will still be decorating eggs with ALL things Frozen!)

Favorite “Appy” Hour:  Blistered Shishitos with Buttermilk Dip.  Truth:  I’ve never tried shishitos.  And that trend needs to end.  And if you’re not familiar with shishitos, they are a hybrid between a jalapeno and bell pepper and not incredibly spicy.  I think they’d be addictive.

Favorite Flakes:  Proscuitto and Gruyere Croissants.  This week I added “homemade croissants” to my cooking bucket list.

Favorite Daydream:  On a beach.  With a book.  And not a worry in the world.


Favorite Fresh:  Green Goddess Hummus.  I fell off the hummus bandwagon a while back and I think it’s time I jump back on.

Favorite Flavors: Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Salad.  At the end of last summer I was so over tomatoes.  But now that we’ve survived the winter from you-know-where I’m ready for them again.  And there is nothing as delicious and beautiful as this simple salad.

Favorite Brunch:  Frico Eggs.  I am currently working to perfect the fried egg.  So let’s keep practicing but add in some crispy cheese to the pan.  And a little green avocado on the side for good measure.

Favorite Fashion:  white bottoms + bright tops = my warm weather outfit for just about any occassion


Favorite Slice:  Spring Onion Pizza.  A pizza with a few of my favorite things:  leeks, garlic, green onions, cheese and herbs.

Favorite Sip to Share:  Pineapple Sangria. Next weekend the family will be gathering for Easter weekend and it’s an unwritten expectation that I’ll have a cocktail recipe up my sleeve for the crowd.  Nothing seems more appropriate than this cocktail.



Friday Favorites

I’m ready to get this workday over and get my weekend started, how about you?  There is no snow in the forecast and that makes me happy.  And although we lose an hour of sleep this weekend, I welcome the extra hour of sunlight that I’ll have on Sunday evening.  We technically have a plan-free weekend so I’m hoping we get some of our “to-do” list knocked out while also relaxing and enjoying the weekend.  I won’t hold you back from the day any longer so here are my favorites of the past week (or two).

Favorite “Appy” Hour:  Beet Dip with Hazelnuts + Goat Cheese.  Not only is the color of this dip gorgeous but the flavor combination sounds too good to be true.  I just can’t seem to get beets off my mind since the salad at the Black House last Sunday.  I can’t help but think that a glass of  chardonnay from Sonoma would pair heavenly with this appetizer.

Favorite Up-Grade:  Brussels Sprouts Caesar with Crispy Pancetta.  Big Guy is probably drooling over this up-grade on the traditional Caesar salad that he loves so dearly.  I’m drooling over the pancetta.

Favorite Irresistible:  Brownie Cake with Salted Caramel + Peanut Topping.  I’m lusting over this cake.  And I’m pretty sure that one bite would make me fall in love.

Favorite Indulge:  Pepperoni Meatballs Spaghetti.  Sometimes you just need a plate of carbs.  And pepperoni.  All things Italian have been screaming my name since I made lasagna last week.

Favorite Daydream:  Spring Fashion! I could live in white pants, a tunic and wedges.

Favorite Spin:  BBQ Meatloaf with Grilled Fontina Cornbread Stacks.  Yes, please.  I would devour this meal.

Favorite Weeknight Dinner:  Oven-Baked Sesame Chicken.  This chicken dish is easy, inexpensive, and hard to mess up.  It’s the perfect dish for any night of the week.

Favorite Wake-Up:  Cheddar and Bacon Waffles.  This would make me jump out of bed on a Sunday morning.

Favorite Intrigued:  Tahini Date Shake.  This week I’ve been hooked on my go-to smoothie for breakfast.  I think I need to change it up and try something new.  I rarely find something that seems “weird” to me in the food world so I obviously must give it a try.

Favorite Cocktail:  Cucumber Basil Gimlet.  Not only does this drink scream Spring but it’s perfect for St. Patty’s Day.

Happy Weekend, friends!


STITCH FIX {fix #6}

After taking a little break from Stitch Fix, I decided I needed another “go” at utilizing a personal shopper.

Unfortunately, this box wasn’t my favorite.


Here’s what was in Fix #6:

Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry Dana Druzy Teardrop Necklace

Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry
Dana Druzy Teardrop Necklace


I loved this necklace.  And I do think it’s a timeless piece that would go with a lot of things but I like my jewelry to have sentimental value.  As in, Big Guy gave it to me (HAH!).

The necklace was returned.

Pomelo  Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top

Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top

Size Small – $44

So plain.  So boring.  So not flattering.  This was returned.

Mystree Benfeld Tiered Colorbrocked Mini Skirt

Benfeld Tiered Colorbrocked Mini Skirt

Size Medium – $58

First of all, this skirt would look adorable on my sister-in-law or my sister.  They have the figures for this type of skirt.  I do not.

Also, it’s not fun enough of a pattern for that price.  This was returned.

Margaret M Ariel Trouser

Margaret M
Ariel Trouser

Size 4 – $68.00

I have to be honest, I was so annoyed to open the box and see pants.  Pants are something I must try on to ensure that they fit.  I don’t like pants too low and I can’t do “skinny” jeans.

But guess what.  These fit perfectly!  And they are the perfect addition to my work wardrobe.  A keeper – though I might take them to the tailor to have the pockets removed for a cleaner front.

41 Hawthorn Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse

41 Hawthorn
Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Size Small – $48.00

After trying this shirt on, it went in the “maybe” pile.  I would wear the color (ECU Pirates!) but it just wasn’t my favorite.

And if it’s not a favorite, why spend money on it.  This shirt was returned.

Out of the 5 items in the box I only purchased one.  The pants were $68 (and I would totally pay that in store for work pants) but with my $20 styling fee I only had to pay $48.

Not my favorite box, but I still didn’t lose any money.

I’m hoping for better luck in April’s fix.

Want to give Stitch Fix a try for yourself?

Insta-Lately {snow, my first OOTN, date night and BBQ park}

Despite the fact that it’s been 70 degrees the past three days, it snowed on Wednesday night.  I posted this picture so that I could think happy, warm thoughts.  I’m just not a fan of the white flakes falling from the sky.

I have posted 623 pictures on Instagram.  This was my first OOTN (outfit of the night).  And it only happened because I was asked.  Thank you, Southern Swank, for the goods.

On Friday night, Big Guy took me out for a little date.  I had seen on Instagram earlier in the month that it was going to be “Game Week” at Capital Club 16.  Capital Club 16 is located in downtown Raleigh and it’s been on my “places to eat” list for a while.  I knew that if anything could convince Big Guy to go, “Game Week” could.  And it did.  Rumor has it they have the best Sunday brunch in town.  It’s a super small restaurant so get there early.  Or sit at the bar like we did.  We thought the service and food was top notch.

Just a little “date night” collage – a cheese plate at Capital Club 16, their decor (which Big Guy loved) and a night cap cocktail at Fox’s Liquor Bar. 

On Sunday we did a little exploring.  For work I had visited a park in R0cky Mount called “Barbecue Park.”  It’s located where the first sit-down inside BBQ restaurant in NC was.  Unfortunately, Melton’s BBQ joint was destroyed in the flood of 1999.  That’s the original smokehouse in this picture.  It’s been beautifully landscaped and is something you never know was there.  Until now.

Happy Monday!

Fall Fashion and Food {pinterest style}

It’s Friday!!!!  And it’s a long weekend!!!

I’m a happy girl.

Here are some pins that are inspiring my closet and my kitchen this fall…

(for the recipes, click on the picture and it’ll lead you to the original source)

J Crew Vest. I’m obsessing over vests this week with the colder weather.


butternut, mushroom and fontina nachos with crispy sage. I can’t even handle how delicious this looks.


polka dots and plaid


Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios, Cranberries and Parm – the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.


I’m in need of a fall clutch. And by need, I mean I really want a fall clutch.


Goat Cheese and Rosemary Fondue – hellllo, appy hour!


Hot Sweet Onion “Crack” Dip – and this is why I don’t mind football season.


Vineyard Vines Lobster Crewneck Sweater. So loving this right now.


Pomegranate, Kale and Wild Rice Salad with Walnuts and Feta. Because who can resist a fall-inspired salad?


Obviously it’s sweater weather around here.



What’s on your fall fashion and food radar?





STITCH FIX {fix #4}

And another box arrived on my front porch!

This box was probably the best so far despite the fact that I ultimately only purchased one item.  I honestly think that the stylists pay attention to your comments at check-out and they strive to make their selections match your style and budget.

Here’s the contents of my fourth fix:



Size Medium – $88.00

I like, not love, the style of my dress.  Totally work appropriate.  The dress was quite large on me and not worth alterations.  I did not keep this dress.



Size Small – $58

I LOVE this top.  I actually saw this top on Pinterest (I follow Stitch Fix) and thought it was a great piece.  The top is navy and white (the picture looks black to me) and would be fantastic with skinny jeans and heels.  In fact, I may be wearing this top tonight because I did keep this piece.



Size Small – $88

I love this maroon sweater (I know, the picture looks red) but I do not love the price.  All I could think was “I could by two of these at Loft for the same price.”

The sweater was so comfy and would be adorable with jeans and flats for fall but I just couldn’t pay the price tag.  I did not keep the sweater.  Le sigh.



Size Small – $68

I like this top.  I can definitely think of occasions I would wear this piece but it didn’t “WoW” me once I put it on.  It was rather short in the torso and I had a feeling that would drive me crazy.  I did not keep this top.




This was a surprise to find in the box.  I really loved that it was reversible – red and navy – and could see myself using the bag all year long.  Buuuut I just invested in a Michael Khors bag and I just didn’t see the need to buy more than one bag this season.  (See Momma and Dadom, I do know the difference between a “want” and a “need.”)

In the end, I only bought one item despite liking most of the contents.  I spent an additional $38 this fix on top of the $20 fee that they charge you when they send the box.

If you’re interested in receiving your own fix, here’s a link:

Fall Friday

Seeing as it was in the 90s yesterday I’m not quite feeling the fall-vibes.  But “fall” is all over Pinterest.  While I love summer more than anything there are a few things that I’m excited about as we transition into fall.

I adore apple cider.  Especially when spiked.  I can’t wait to try this apple cider sangria while watching football at home on a Saturday afternoon.

Y’all know we love brussels and to me they’re a fall veggie.  Here’s a new twist that I can’t wait to try:  Honey Parmesan Roasted Brussels. 

As much as I love shorts, I love a gorgeous scarf.  I need to add a neon one to my collection.

Something else I want to add to my fall wardrobe?  I bright coat.

After a long day at work, nothing is more comforting than walking in the door and smelling a delicious dinner ready for you in the crock pot.  

One word:  Chili!!!

What are you looking forward to?