Apple Cheddar Rosemary Bacon Pizza

Don’t think that just because we enjoyed a comforting meatloaf Sunday Supper last weekend that we’re not devouring pizza.  Because we are.  Honestly we make pizza about every other Sunday and we made our first “fall” pizza a couple of Sundays ago.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share the deliciousness with you.

The flavor combination is out of this world.  Don’t be scared of apples on a savory pizza!  And you jazz up “boring” bacon (let’s be honest, bacon is never boring) with fresh rosemary and pepper before cooking until crisp in the oven.  By the way, cooking bacon in the oven is so much cleaner than on the stovetop.  Instead of sprinkling the pizza with mozzarella, you actually make a cheese sauce that goes ALL over the pizza.  The sauce starts with sautéing onion and garlic in a little bit of butter and then adding flour to make a roux.  Then you add in broth, milk and oregano and allow it to thicken before adding in shredded fresh mozz.  Oh, so creamy and dreamy.  Check the salt content – ours needed a big pinch.

Let’s make a pizza!  Roll out your homemade (or store-bought – no judgement here) dough and top with the sauce leaving a little border around the outside.  Now arrange the apple (golden delicious worked perfectly) slices all over the dough and then sprinkle on the chopped, cooked bacon.  Finally, add the shredded cheddar (we used a chipotle cheddar which was a very good idea).


I instantly fell in love with this pizza.

Sweet and tart yet salty and cheese.  Amazing.

If you haven’t gotten on the Sunday pizza train yet, please do.


Biscuit Cinnamon Sweet Rolls

Haines, my niece, has two favorite foods:  cinnamon rolls and bacon.  I’m pretty sure she couldn’t choose between the two so we went for it on Sunday morning and made both for a late breakfast.

These cinnamon rolls are different from ones that I’ve made in the past in that you don’t have to prep anything the night before.  They also start with a biscuit base.  That’s right – these rolls are the perfect marriage of a buttermilk biscuit and a cinnamon roll.

Holy moly.

There are two very important steps to the dough portion:  make sure your shortening is FROZEN (I lied, I put this in the freezer the night before) and make sure you chill the dough for 10 minutes before adding the buttermilk.  This is the KEY to perfect biscuits.

Another important step once the dough is rolled out:  make sure the butter is super soft to spread over top.  And yes, it looks like a lot of butter and that’s because it is a lot of butter.  But you only get to cook bacon and sweet rolls for your favorite niece every once in a while.  So deal.

Once the sweet rolls are baked, they are drizzled with a delightful glaze that Haines LOVED (of course she did, it’s sugar).  I used whole milk in place of the heavy cream and it worked just fine.


Incredible.  You MUST try this biscuit + cinnamon roll.

And bacon, please serve with bacon.

One-Pan Broccoli-Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I’m balancing out the pound of kale I’ve eaten this week with pasta and cheese and bacon.  In all honesty, this mac ‘n cheese is a little sneaky because there’s not only broccoli in this dish but there’s another veggie hidden amongst all that cheese.

Can you guess?


Yes, pumpkin.  But you honestly can’t taste it at all.  The original recipe called for butternut squash but canned pumpkin is way more readily available (you could even use mashed sweet potatoes).

And not only is this mac ‘n cheese full of good for you stuff, you only need one pan to make this dinner.  And you don’t have to wait for water to boil.  So good.

Here’s how fast it all comes together:  Cook your bacon and then reserve for later.  Sauté the garlic in the bacon fat then add in the chicken stock, milk and pumpkin.  Bring to a boil.  Add in the pasta and cook, covered, for 5 minutes.  Add in the broccoli.  Cover and cook for 3-5 more minutes.  Season with salt and pepper.  Add in the bacon and cheese.  Cover and cook for 1 minute or until the pasta is cooked to perfection.  DIG IN.


I love mac ‘n cheese.


Toast just got an upgrade!  And this cashew-carrot toast is perfect for breakfast, lunch or as a snack.

First your going to make carrot ribbons with a vegetable peeler.

Then marinate the carrot in a mixture of EVOO and apple cider vinegar.

Crisp up a slice of bacon.  Yes, bacon.

Toast your bread!

Slather on some cashew butter (if you haven’t tried cashew butter yet, don’t wait another moment!).

Pile on the carrots.

Sprinkle on the bacon.

Top it all with some salt and pepper.



Broccoli Salad Dip

When most people think of Thanksgiving they think of family, turkey, all.the.pies., and football.  I remember growing up we’d finish our Thanksgiving feast at the beach with all of our family and then the men would retire to the living room to watch football.  Or maybe it should be “watch football” – because there was definitely some snoring coming from the living room.

And while you probably won’t be making an appetizer for a tailgate on Thursday, you might need one on Friday or Saturday.

Last Saturday, I whipped up a broccoli salad dip for us to nibble on while we watched college football.

Big Guy was dead set on me utilizing the broccoli in the garden so I was left with limited options.  Thankfully the dip turned out fantastic and was perfect paired with pretzels (gluten free!) and Wheat Thins.

And while the recipe is based off of the retro broccoli salad that we’ve all had before, it reminded me more of a pea pasta salad my Momma used to make when we were growing up.

Big Guy thought that a nice addition to the mix would have been raisins – which I have to agree with him.

This no-cook recipe (well, minus needing to crisp up the bacon) is perfect for a tailgate because you don’t have to worry about it getting cold.

Will you be watching football this Thanksgiving?


Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Potatoes and Green Onions

This one-skillet dinner has it all.










And yes, I made up more than one of those words.

But seriously – this meat ‘n potatoes dinner that is sure to please most is cooked in one pan.

One pan = easy clean up.

Here’s what you do…Cook the bacon in a cast-iron skillet until crispy.  Remove from the pan and add the potatoes and green onions.  Allow them to cook until a little roasty and toasty, flipping once.  Remove the potatoes from the pan.  While the potatoes are sizzling away, prep your spice rub and then season the pork tenderloin.  Add the pork tenderloin to the skillet once the potatoes have been removed from the pan.  Cook 3 minutes on each side.  Add the potatoes and green onions back to the pan with the pork and sprinkle the entire pan with sliced garlic.  Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until cooked to your liking.  Remove the pork from the pan and let rest for 5 minutes before slicing.  Before serving the potatoes, sprinkle with bacon and fennel fronds (tops of the fennel).

While the pork is resting, throw together your salad.  A mix of homegrown lettuce, parsley and fennel is tossed with a dressing made of EVOO, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, maple syrup, salt and pepper.  So simple!

Dinner is served.

Warm Brussels Caesar with Bacon and Ciabatta Croutons

And it’s still rainy and dreary out…

But I honestly can’t complain.  My brother and sister-in-law live in Columbia, SC and they are getting hammered.  My thoughts and prayers are with them and my family at OIB and Sunset.

Despite the rain, it was a wonderful weekend – my baby brother came into town and despite not being able to swing the golf club due to the weather, we ate, watched football, ate some more and watched more football.

Before dinner on Friday night, we shared a couple of apps – goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon made an appearance after months without them plus a sausage and cheese dip (I used sausage instead of beef).  The is perfect for tailgating because it’s made in a crock pot so it’ll probably happen again.  There ended up being a lot left over so we saved it for the tailgate at home on Saturday.

On the menu Friday night, Steaks and Butter (our favorite steak recipe from this book) with Warm Brussels Caesar with Bacon and Ciabatta Croutons.  

Logan adores Caesar salads but I wanted to do something new and different.  We haven’t had Brussels in what seems like forever and this side dish was perfection.

Sauteed brussels are tossed with crisped bacon and a yogurt-based Caesar dressing and then topped with ciabatta croutons.  Lots of croutons.

Oh, man.  Brussels have never tasted so good.

I loved the Caesar dressing – garlicky just the way I like it.  And the croutons were so crunchy.

Bacon + Croutons – nothing bad can come of that combination.