Friday Favorites

This has been one crazy, busy week!  Home renovations are in full swing and I can’t even be mad about the hammering and nailing and random men using our bathroom (hah!).  I’m glad that Big Guy is around after being gone all week and tonight we have an unexpected date night that I’m pretty excited about.  The rest of the weekend includes cheering on the Pirates and just straight up relaxing.  Relaxing = more Hallmark movies and catching up on “our shows.”  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you Monday with a little pregnancy update.


Favorite Friendsgiving:  Apple Baked Brie and Crostini Bar.  I could turn this appetizer spread into my dinner.

Favorite YAY or NAY:  Our “Rainy Day” Closet.  I can’t decide if I love this idea.  To sum it up, your kids get to pick three gifts that they keep at Christmas and the remaining gifts (except clothes) go into a closet.  And when you’re stuck inside, or your child deserves a reward or it’s just a random day, the child gets to pick a gift from the closet.  Thoughts?


Favorite Comfort Food:  One-Pot Greek Biscuits and Gravy Cobbler. How unique is this dish?  I love any and all Greek food and this looks perfect now that the cooler weather is here to stay (I think).


Favorite Combination:  Brownie Pecan Pie.  I know I’ve already picked a Thanksgiving dessert to bring to the table (literally) but I’m drooling over this brownie + pecan pie combo.


Favorite Reveal:  Oprah’s Favorite Things.  I used to LOVE watching Oprah every afternoon at 4pm.  And I really used to love her episode when “you get a car, you get car….” happened (aka she gave all the audience members her favorite things).  Not only did I love it, I dreamed of being there.  Anyways, she has some fun stuff on the list this year.  And if you don’t want to look through it all, here are the “best picks.”


Favorite Thanksgiving:  Fall Farmers Market Salad.  I usually bring a salad to Thanksgiving, along with a dessert and sangria, and I think this one might be in the running.


Favorite Gameday:  Spinach Queso with Crispy Jalapeños.  Yes, please.


Favorite Inspiration:  Favorite In-Rooms of the Month of October.  I’m loving the leopard + pink + navy room.  And that picture – take me to Italy.


Favorite Flavors:  Butternut Squash and Sun-Dried Tomato White Lasagna.  This dish screams fall.  I love that you can assemble in advance and then bake when you’re ready to eat.


Favorite Instead of Wine:  Maple Pumpkin Gingersnap Tiramisu Trifle.  If I can’t have wine, I’ll have dessert.  And I love making trifles.




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