Friday Favorites

What a busy, productive week!  Which makes the weekend even sweeter.  Though I wish the weekend was going to be a little cooler.  I guess I’ll be slathering on the SPF at the football game and wishing I could break out my summer white shorts.  I shouldn’t complain – I’m sure by January I’ll be begging for warmer days.  We’re hoping to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I’m sure that Sunday will be spent catching up on ALL the shows on our DVR (hello, Fall!…Criminal Minds, This Is Us, Law and Order: SVU).  I hope you have a lovely weekend and that perhaps you have a little fall weather where you are.


Favorite Bowl of Comfort: Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili. We may have to replace pizza one Sunday with this awesomeness.  I mean, helllllo, toppings!  Throw this in the slow cooker after church and it’ll be ready for you come dinner time.


Favorite Chewy:  Saucepan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I’m so intrigued by these cookies that promise to be chewy instead of cakey.  The trick is melted butter.


Favorite Tip:  How to Clean Your Dutch Oven (Without Ruining It)  It’s no secret that my dutch oven is my FAVORITE item in our kitchen.  I use it constantly and it’s 100% worth the price tag.  But for that price, you want to make sure it lasts – so follow these tips!


Favorite Transition Piece:  Chaus Mixed Cotton Knit Cardigan.  I’m all about clothes that will grow with my growing body these days.  I love the simplicity of this cardigan but the fun basket weave texture makes it special.


Favorite Football Snack:  Crispy Buffalo Brussels Sprouts.  Well these look addictive.  And I can totally call them “healthy” because it involves a green veggie.


Favorite Thanksgiving:  Pumpkin Macadamia Nut Sweet Potato Casserole.  My mother-in-law is cringing that I’m even thinking of Thanksgiving (hey, C!) but I can’t help it.  How delicious does this sound?  I can’t think of a more perfect side dish for turkey day.


Favorite Truth:  You Just Had a Baby.  Share this with any Mama you know with young ones at home.  Or maybe just share it with yourself.


Favorite “Appy” Hour:  Pastry Wrapped Baked Brie with Maple Butter Roasted Apples.  Is there a more perfect appetizer for fall?  If only I could make this and then sip a glass of delicious wine.  #babygirlwatsonisworthit


{photo source and one of my favorite blogs}

Favorite Splurge:  Maud Suede Side-Bow Booties.  How gorgeous are these shoes?  They are totally not a “need” but my, oh, my are they beautiful.  And they’re surprisingly from Talbots.


Favorite Fall:  Spiced Pear Sangria. One of the easiest recipes for a fun, crowd-pleasing drink.  Enjoy a glass for me.



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