Sweet Potato Medallions with Almond Sauce and White Bean Salad

And another weekend has come and gone.  Why, oh, why must the weekends fly by?  Our weekend included my new favorite margarita, watching the Derby at home, a sushi date and a fun Sunday afternoon in the sunshine.  It was basically a perfect weekend.

This week is full of the usual but I’m so excited for Friday to arrive because that means I get to meet my newest nephew, Tanner.  And since we’ll be visiting my brother and sister-in-law, I’m going to prep a few freezer meals for them to have in the coming weeks.

About this salad.  It’s so unique but incredibly easy with only FIVE ingredients (not counting EVOO and S&P).  I decided to make this salad last week in an effort to use our homegrown sweet potatoes before they go bad.  (p.s. sweet potatoes last forever)  To make this salad, microwave the sweet potato so that it’s softened and then cut into disks. Brush the potatoes with a little EVOO and then cook on the stovetop until browned on each side.  The almond butter drizzle is made with almond butter (duh), a little warm water and lemon juice.  Finally, prep the salad greens by tossing with white beans (use whatever you have on hand!), some lemon juice and EVOO plus salt and pepper.

Arrange the potato sliced on top of the beans and greens and then drizzle with the almond butter sauce.  So simple!


I literally can’t think of an easier salad plus it’s vegetarian and perfect for meatless Monday.

I hope you have a great start to the week!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Medallions with Almond Sauce and White Bean Salad

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