Smoky Potato and Greens Tacos + Blood Orange Margaritas

Taco Tuesday!  Last week I found myself with leftover blood oranges and decided I would shake up a margarita to celebrate the end of the week.  This margarita couldn’t be easier and only requires three ingredients.  You’ll need tequila (our “house” tequila is 1800 Silver 100% Agave), fresh blood orange juice and fresh lime juice.  I personally like a salt rim but if that’s not your thing, no biggie.  To make the margarita, simply combine 2 parts tequila with 2 parts blood orange juice and 1 part lime juice.  Serve on the rocks with a lime slice.


To go along with our margaritas, we enjoyed smoky potato and greens tacos.  I made a few changes to the original recipe, using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.  To cook, I peeled the potatoes and cut into cubes.  Toss the potatoes with some EVOO plus hot smoked paprika and spread on a baking pan covered with aluminum foil.  Bake at 425 degrees until roasted, turning once.  Instead of collards, I used swiss chard as my greens and simply sautéed in a little EVOO.  Once both the greens and the potatoes are cooked, toss them together to combine.  In the corn tortillas, a heaping spoonful of the potatoes and greens plus radish slices, cilantro, feta cheese (I find it has so much more flavor than queso fresco) and some hot sauce.


Margaritas and tacos were made for each other.



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