Friday Favorites

Friday!  Today is an incredibly busy day but knowing that Big Guy will be home for dinner gives me something to look forward to.  Tomorrow will start bright and early to teach Saturday Sweat and then a private client AND THEN the weekend will officially start.  We have a mix of glamorous and totally chilling out on the agenda and I’m looking forward to every moment of both.  Here are my favorites of the week:


Favorite “Appy” Hour:  Prosciutto Wrapped Brie Bites with Rosemary Crusted Walnuts.  Sweet.  Salty.  Nutty.  Creamy.  Earthy.  EVERYTHING.


Favorite Childhood:  One-Skillet Chicken Pot Pie with Potato Chip Crust.   I would guess we had chicken pot pie about once a month growing up and I loved it.  This spin on a classic sounds divine – salty potato chips on top?!?  Sign me up!


Favorite On The Side:  Sriracha Almond Butter Roasted Brussels Sprouts.   Um, these sound amazing.


Favorite Fascinating:  “Have You Ever Heard The Term ‘Piss Poor?'”    I have no idea if all of these are true but it’s interesting to read where some popular says and terms come from.  Like “it’s raining cats and dogs,” “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water,” and “bring home the bacon.” <— one of my favorites


Favorite Stuffed:  Slow Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Spicy Garlic Chickpeas and Blue Cheese Sauce.   Oh man.  The only thing that would make this even more amazing – bacon.


Favorite Comfort Food:  Caramelized Fennel Mac ‘n Cheese.  I still haven’t made a trashed up mac ‘n cheese.  SOON!  And I say “trashed up” in the most loving way.


Favorite Boost:  Green Smoothie.  So many nutrients in one glass.  And after that mac ‘n cheese or stuffed potato, that’s what I’ll need.


Favorite Meal Prep:  Slow CookerCoconut Curry Chicken.  This would be perfect to make over the weekend and have for lunch all week long.


Favorite Round-Up:  January Wish List.    I adore that clutch, the ruffle sweater and those pink heels!


Favorite Sparkling:  Blood Orange Champagne Mule.  Basically the marriage of two of my favorite cocktails:  mimosa + moscow mule.




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