Friday Favorites

The snow and ice is finally gone and the high today is in the 70s.  Oh, NC weather, you’re cray-cray.  But I’m going to be honest – I’m pretty pumped about it not being below 32 degrees all weekend.  I’m actually headed to Charlotte today after I teach to hang out with the family for the weekend.  I am so excited to be staying with my sister and her family on Saturday evening so I can have extra time with the kiddos.  Hopefully Haines will let me get a few baby snuggles in from Braxton.  And with that – here are my favorites from the week!


Favorite Bright:  Upside Down Winter Citrus Cake.  How gorgeous is this cake?  Citrus is amazing this time of year.  Hoping to get my hands on some sweet grapefruit and blood oranges soon.


Favorite Must Have:  Nooks and Crannies:  Tiny, Cozy Spaces to Get You Through Winter.  I want a little nook more than I want my own little office!  I can just imagine myself sipping coffee and reading my devotions in the morning in this quaint little space.  Her round-up is awesome and I honestly can’t pick my favorite!


Favorite Cozy:  Beef Bourguignon Pot Pie.  Julia Child’s beef bourguignon has been on my cooking bucket-list since I saw the movie “Julia and Julia.”  This version of the hearty French dinner sounds incredible.


Favorite Staple:  White Button-Up Shirt.  Every woman’s closet should have a perfect fitting button up shirt.  And I’m on the hunt for the perfect one for me.


Favorite Melt-In-Your-Mouth:  Tender Buttermilk Biscuit.  I want to master the Southern biscuit in 2017!


Favorite Inspiration:  5 Ways to Detox Your Closet.    Lusting over this amazing closet.


Favorite Flavor:  Harissa Meatballs.  I have harissa paste in my fridge that’s begging for another purpose in life besides taking up space.  Bonus:  These meatballs are healthy!


Favorite Truth:  Marriage is a team sport.  A good read no matter how long you’ve been married.


Favorite Craving:  Pink Grapefruit Margarita with Chili Salt.  I haven’t had a margarita in a hot minute despite Big Guy and I talking about how much we want one weekly.  I think it’s because I find is odd to drink margaritas with anything but Mexican-Inspired food.





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