Loaded Potato Soup

Good morning, friends!  As I sit here, post-workout, sipping my hot coffee I can’t help but be incredibly grateful for the friends that I’ve made in this small town.  We are blessed to have a large group of friends and over the years, it seems I talk to some of these ladies more than my own husband some weeks (talking to you, fearless barre ladies).  Last night a few of us gathered for our third annual Christmas pajama “girls night in.”  While GNOs (girls night out) are wonderful and all, sometimes it’s just so relaxing and comforting to be in PJs with Christmas music, a glass of bubbles and a bowl of warm soup with your friends.


I was in charge of the soup for the night and after a little request from one of the ladies, I finally decided on making a loaded potato soup.  The soup comes together rather quickly but I kept it warm (and made traveling easier) in my crock-pot.  The ingredient list is rather short:  potatoes (duh), milk, chicken stock, flour (for thickening), sour cream, salt and pepper.    And to make it loaded, cheese, bacon and green onions were served on the side so that all the ladies could make their perfect bowl of soup.


Obviously the best bites included bacon and cheese.

After we had filled our bellies, we had  gift exchange.  We used the rules of a “white elephant” gift exchange except we all brought real gifts – things we would want to take home – instead of gag gifts (I just can’t justify buying junk for other people).

I ended up bringing home a beautiful book that I can’t wait to read and a mini bottle of bubbles.

I just love this tradition of Christmas PJ night!


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