Wine + Cheese and The Angus Barn

And just like that the weekend is over and we’re a short two weeks away from Christmas.  I am happy to report that our dinner on Saturday night was absolutely amazing.  The pork porchetta was perfection and the lemony brussels on the side were addicting.  In fact, the meal turned out so well I’ve offered to prepare this dinner while I’m at my parents for Christmas.


Our November and Decembers are always busy.  Between Big Guy’s work travel and plans with friends and family on the weekends, date nights are few and far between.  Several weeks ago we planned a date day and yesterday we enjoyed our entire day together.  We attended a wine and cheese pairing class at our favorite wine shop, The Raleigh Wine Shop yesterday afternoon where we sipped and tasted five different cheeses and wines.  I adore cheese and I loved learning about pairing wine with cheese.  And as expected, bubbles pretty much go with all cheeses.  We had reservations at The Angus Barn last night – an iconic steakhouse in Raleigh.  I had never dined at The Angus Bar and Big Guy was excited for me to see the restaurant all decked out for Christmas.  It was gorgeous.  The Angus Bar is definitely an experience.  While I can’t say it was the best dinner of my life, it was a fun night on the town. Let’s be honest, after not seeing one another very much over the past three weeks, he could have taken me anywhere and I would have been happy – it was all about spending some quality time together.


The hustle and bustle is here to stay for the next few weeks.  There are presents to be wrapped and cookies to be baked.  This week I’m busy planning my epic day of baking as well as waiting patiently for the rest of the gifts I ordered to arrive.

I hope you all have an amazing week – I promise to share some of what I’ll be baking in the next couple of days.


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