Currently {december 2016}

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


{image via How Sweet It Is}

Eating / popcorn.  Trader Joe’s pickle popcorn is addicting.

Drinking / hot tea.  ‘Tis the season for ALL the hot drinks.

Practicing /  thankfulness.  It’s easy to get caught up in the worldly ways this time of year, “I want this. I want that.”  And I already have so much.  More than I’ll ever need.

Mastering / online shopping.  My Christmas list has been checked and double checked.

Trying / a new recipe on Saturday.  We’re making porchetta and I promise to report back next week on the results!

Playing / Christmas music.  I usually listen to Christmas music for a few days after Thanksgiving and then I’m over it.  But not this year.  I can’t get enough!

Finishing / mailing our Christmas cards.  And warning:  ours are huge this year.  Apparently 6×8 is the default size for Tiny Prints this year.  Insert my eye roll here.

Reading / John.  Yes, the book in the Bible.  I honestly haven’t read anything in a few weeks and this is what we’re reading in bible study right now.

Remembering / the reason for the season.

Wearing / leggings.  Don’t even try to tell me they aren’t clothes.

Cooking / for 8 on Saturday.  On the menu:  herbed baked brie, porchetta, roasted carrots and lemon brussels.

Working / on photo books.  I put together a photo book each year from my Instagram pics. And I want to put together another book dedicated to our trip to Greece.

Traveling / to see family for the holidays.  The next several weeks are absolutely cray.  But they’ll also be full of laughs and love and that’s what is important.

Wanting / one more weekend before Christmas.  I feel like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was super short this year.  I think it’s because Christmas falls on a weekend this year.



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