Italian Beef Stew

Oh, hi!  I hope you all had the most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend possible.  Mine was filled with incredible fried turkey, too many laughs to count and spending time with loved ones.  And I can’t forget to mention that I have a new baby nephew.  On Saturday baby boy Braxton came into the world and I cannot wait to meet him this weekend.

After a long weekend of working, Big Guy brought home our tree on Sunday evening.  As you can expect, it’s ginormous and gorgeous.  It’s become our tradition to decorate the house and tree on the Monday after Thanksgiving and that’s just what we did yesterday.


We always leave decorating the tree for last.  While dinner simmered on the stove, we poured a glass of wine and got to work hanging ornaments.  I absolutely love how every.single.ornament holds a special memory for one or both of us.

I think it’s quite a stunning tree, if you ask me.

Once the tree was trimmed, it was time to fill our bellies.  The smell of the Italian Beef Stew on the stove rivaled the Christmas candles burning – the whole house smelled scrumptious.

The stew comes together quite easily but it does need about two hours of cooking.  Chuck roast becomes insanely tender after simmering for a little while with onions, carrots, red wine and tomatoes plus some herbs.  We each devoured a bowl of stew topped with a sprinkle of fresh basil.


This stew is a definite crowd pleaser and would be perfect for any upcoming occasions with friends and family.

Have a wonderful week, friends!



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