Creamed Winter Greens

As promised, I bring to you a side dish recipe that would be perfect for any holiday gathering.  You could easily double this recipe if you’re feeding a crowd.

We’ve all had creamed spinach and it remains one of my favorite side dishes (especially with steak).  Last year I tried a delicious spin on creamed spinach with pimiento cheese creamed spinach (which I’ll be making again tomorrow to take for our Thanksgiving feast).  But this past Sunday, I decided to go for a something a little lighter and tried Creamed Winter Greens from the latest Cooking Light magazine.  Not only do these greens include spinach and the super nutritious kale, but their topped with a crunchy mixture of roasted chickpeas and nuts (I used pecans instead of almonds).  The greens have a subtle onion flavor from the addition of leeks (obsessed!).  The creamed portion of the dish comes from using milk, cream cheese and shredded mozzarella.


You can totally make this dish ahead of time (leaving off the topping) and simple reheat on the stovetop.  If you’re unsure of the chickpeas, don’t just trust my judgement – Big Guy loved the texture and nuttiness they added to the bowl of greens.

Along side our greens, we enjoyed individual cornish hens with cornbread stuffing.  The presentation of a cornish hen is such a treat and we really enjoyed swapping out the turkey for the cornish hen.  If you are ever in the mood to give cornish hens a try, I highly recommend Ina’s recipe which I linked above.


I am going to take the rest of the week off from the blog so that I can spend time with family that we don’t see often enough.  I wish you and your family the most wonderful Thanksgiving.


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