Pork Chops with Sautéed Apples and Brussels Sprouts

Pork + Apples is a classic combination.  And while we amped up this 20-minute recipe by cooking the pork chops over the fire (that was all Big Guy) the recipe list remained the same and I cooked the brussels and the apples exactly the way the recipe suggested.  We also used bone-in pork chops so that they would be less likely to dry out but boneless would work perfectly for cooking on the stovetop.

The brussels are simple broiled for 12 minutes after tossing with a little EVOO, salt and pepper.  Super simple but still super yummy.

The apples are sautéed in butter for two minutes before adding in chicken stock and nutmeg and then finishing with a little more butter, salt, Dijon mustard (LOVE this addition), maple syrup, and fresh parsley.

The side dishes came together so quickly!


The brussels were tender yet a little crispy from using the broiler and the apples were sweet but had a little tang from the mustard.  And the pork was cooked to perfection with a little bit of smoke from cooking it over an open flame.

So satisfying and so comforting.



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