#watsonsgogreek2016 {the planning}

We’re back, we’re back!

Unfortunately the past three weeks have included the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.  Big Guy’s grandfather, “Pawpaw,” passed away yesterday morning unexpectedly.  Pawpaw had surgery late last week and unfortunately caught an infection that his body just couldn’t fight off.  I believe that this tough season of loss will only make our family stronger in the end but I can’t help but ask for prayers during this heartbreaking time.


Greece.  It was everything that I expected and nothing that I could have ever imagined – both at the same time.  Greece has been on my “bucket list” for over ten years.  I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember and I would day dream about the white buildings and blue roofs.  If you remember we had plans to take a big vacation earlier in the year and our Thailand trip just didn’t happen due to life happening instead.  In May I finally convinced Big Guy that we should go to Greece in September.  I had seen on another blog that she had used Hellenic Holidays when they planned their honeymoon.  The moment Big Guy agreed to this trip of a lifetime, I sent the travel agent an email.  I simply told him that the only thing we knew for certain was that we wanted to go in September and that Santroni was a “must.”  From that point on, planning the trip was pretty simple thanks to Petros at Hellenic Holidays.  Most of you know that I adore planning trips.  But I’ve never planned a trip out of the country and that made me nervous.  Big Guy was hesitant at first about using a travel agent but in the end it was the absolute best decision we ever made.


After some conversations with Petros via email and phone we decided we would also visit Crete – an island of Greece that is known for its amazing food!  So the bones of the trip started with two nights in Athens, four nights in Crete and four nights in Santorini.  We ended up tagging on two extra nights at the end of the trip in Athens due to our flight.

I’ll be back soon to share our itinerary and what we added to the plans Petros made for us.

Yamas! (“to our health” in Greek)

(please be patient as there are family things that are a priority this week…but I promise I won’t leave anything out regarding Greece and I also promise that I will post a recipe or two soon…I’m so ready to get back in the kitchen!)


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