A Letter to Summer


Dear Summer,

I can’t lie, Summer of 2016, you were not what I was expecting when you arrived in May. You’ve been a summer of laughs and memories but you’ve also been a summer of heartache and tears.

Technically you don’t end for a couple more weeks but you’re officially over after Labor Day weekend in my world.  There are a lot of things I’m going to miss about you, Summer.  Some of those loves are my summer tan, long evenings, zucchini and tomatoes and watermelon, Cajun Shrimp painted nails and the return of my love for white wine.  But there are a few things I won’t miss:  gnats, flies and HOT, HUMID days.  Mostly gnats and flies.

Summer of 2016, you passed by way too quickly.  The quickest summer of my life.  I feel like April was just weeks ago.  Not months.  But I know you’ll be back in 2017 ready for me to make more memories.


Your Summer-Loving Girl


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