Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all!  Big plans for the weekend ahead?  We’re actually spending the weekend hanging out with my family to celebrate my grandmother’s (Mimi) 80th birthday.  Hopefully we’ll squeeze in a pool day with the coolest kids around on Sunday.  I’m trying to take advantage of any and all days filled with splashing in the pool and out in the sunshine because fall will be here before we know it (nooooooooo, I’m not ready).

Here are my favorites from the week:


Favorite Intrigued:  Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs with Avocado Pickles.  The bacon is great and all but avocado pickles?!?  Say whaaaaaattttt?!?  This is a thing and I need to try it.


Favorite Break the Fast:  Cashew Ginger Granola with Dates and Sesame.  I rarely go a day or two without a Greek yogurt bowl.  And this granola would be the perfect yogurt topper.


Favorite Comfy:  Deck-Striped T-Shirt.  So I’m officially crazy.  I’m trying to figure out what to wear on our looooong flight to Greece and I’m thinking black leggings with tennis shoes (because have you tried keeping up with a 6 foot 4 man and also so I don’t have to pack the shoes) and a loose yet cute t-shirt.  Thoughts?


Favorite Entertaining:  Mix & Match Summer Crostini Bar.   This is such a fun appetizer idea.  Everyone can create their own flavor combo.


Favorite Craving:  Chicken Tinga Tacos with Grilled Corn Guacamole.  I haven’t had Mexican food in quite a while and these tacos (plus a watermelon marg) are calling my name.


Favorite Twist on a Classic:  Greek Wedge Salad.  Big Guy loves a wedge.  And I adore a Greek salad.  This is the best of both worlds – in my opinion.


Favorite Frozen:  Painkiller Cocktail Popsicles.   After a painfully hot week, I would love to have a (spiked) popsicle to cool off with.


Favorite Bite:  Crab Dip with Garlicky Gourgères.  Cheesy, crabby deliciousness.


Favorite Gentle:  Nourishing Cream Exfoliator.  I love to use an exfoliator in the shower on my face.  But some can be super harsh and full of not so friendly ingredients.  I’ve been using this for a couple of years now and it’s still my favorite face wash.  (p.s. it smells amazing, too)


Favorite In-Season:  Fresh Peach Daiquiri.  The ingredient list is simple but if you use high quality, in-season fruit this cocktail becomes something special.



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