Mexican-Style Roasted Corn

The title should read “Mexican Street Corn with an Italian Twist.”  Or it should read “Maggie is going to be mad I made this without her.”

I couldn’t resist roasting a couple of ears of corn last Sunday after a full day of packing the freezer with corn for later in the year when fresh corn is no where to be found.

Mexican Street Corn is super simple and simply requires you to roast the corn until it’s charred a bit and then spread on some mayo before sprinting with seasoning and cheese.  Instead of using cotija cheese and cilantro, I made the street corn with an Italian twist.

The corn is soaked with the husks pulled back for 30 minutes and then it’s cooked over medium-high heat on the grill, turning occasionally, until a little charred.  Immediately slather on a little mayo (Duke’s is the only mayo I use) and then sprinkle with shredded Parmesan cheese along with a little paprika, pepper, salt and some fresh basil confetti.

street corn

I served our street corn alongside a gorgeous smoked bone-in pork chop that was incredible.

I can’t decide if strawberry season or sweet corn season is my favorite.


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