Fresh Corn Cakes with Summer Salsa

This past Sunday, Big Guy harvested our corn that I’ve been patiently waiting for to eat.  We were pleasantly surprised to have a lot more than we did last year so we spent most of Sunday afternoon prepping the corn for the freezer.  We did almost everything outside to prevent too big of a mess inside.  We shucked the corn, boiled the corn on the cob for about 4 minutes and then shocked it in ice water before freezing.  We froze some on the cob and then we went ahead and cut some off the cob and froze.

And while I am so excited to have our freezer stocked, I was even more excited to save a few ears for dinner on Monday night.  As soon as I saw this recipe for corn cakes in the most recent issue of Cooking Light I knew that it was happening as soon as our corn was ready.

I was even more excited that I was able to use other stuff from the garden:  zucchini (instead of yellow squash), chives (instead of green onions), basil, and fresh jalapeño.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use our tomatoes as they are still green – but I know that before long I’ll have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.


I loved the pop of corn in the corn cakes.  They were delicate and flaky and reminded me of corn bread.  They would be insane with a drizzle of honey as breakfast or lunch.  The salsa was bursting with freshness and was lovely on top of the warm cakes.

Summer, I love you.


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