Seared Scallops with Snap Peas and Pancetta

Scallops are not something I typically cook at home.  While I adore them, it can be hard to find scallops that live up to my expectations.  Last week I made a run to Raleigh to pick up some lamb as well as wine and I couldn’t help but grab a pound of the biggest, most tender, wild caught scallops at Whole Foods.

The scallops stole the show in the 5-ingredient show stopper dinner.  The key to good scallops at home is to make sure you don’t overcook them – they will become chewy.

The snap peas are sautéed in a cast iron skillet first before cooking the pancetta and shallots.  The snap peas, pancetta and shallots are then combined before searing the scallops.They only need a minute or so on each side so don’t walk away.  The scallops are served on top of the snap pea mixture – along with a glass of wine.


This dinner was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help opening bottle of Iron Horse Chardonnay to sip alongside the scallops.



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