Shrimp Korma with Basmati Rice

On the way home from the beach last week we stopped at our favorite seafood hut (Island Seafood Company between Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset) and picked up lots of shrimp for the weekend.  They truly have the freshest, plumpest shrimp I’ve ever had.

We wanted to make sure that we made totally different dishes with the shrimp since we knew we’d be eating shrimp on back-to-back nights (we also froze a pound…I couldn’t do three nights in a row).  On Friday night, I went into my “files” to find a recipe I’ve been saving since 2011!  And boy do I wish I would have made this dish sooner.  Shrimp Korma with Basmati Rice was so incredibly flavorful and is such a versatile dish – perfect for a weeknight at home or for entertaining (I’ll be saving this recipe for my brother, Logan).

Korma is a dish that originated in South Asia and traditionally consists of meat and/or vegetables that are cooked in a spiced sauce made with yogurt, cream, nut or seed paste. (source)

In this particular recipe, the creaminess comes from the use of coconut milk to make the broth along with a dollop of Greek yogurt when serving.  The most important part of this recipe are the spices (and the fresh shrimp!).   The dish is spiced with Madras curry powder (I used half curry powder and half hot curry powder) and garam masala (SO much flavor!).  I loved the addition of the green peas for a pop of freshness and spicy ginger.


A little spicy, a lot of delicious!

This recipe is a keeper, that’s for sure.  Tomorrow I’ll share the most amazing coconut shrimp recipe I’ve ever had!!!


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