Spinach-Vidalia Dip + White Cheddar-Chive Pimiento Cheese

Happy Wednesday, folks!  To help get over the “hump” – let’s talk about my favorite hour: “APPY HOUR.”

And aren’t “appy” hours the best during the summer?!?  If you disagree, don’t tell me.

Few things in life make me happier than a glass of bubbles and something to snack on.


And this past Saturday, I popped open a bottle of Iron Horse bubbles and simply enjoyed our evening of “nothingness” at home.  No plans, no commitments.  It was glorious.

This board of appetizers gets even better…you can prep EVERYTHING in advance.  I actually made both of the dips the day before.  You could make them up to two days in advance.  How about that?

Both recipes are from Southern Living.  The White Cheddar-Chive Pimiento Cheese was very flavorful and I loved the addition of chives.  I also liked that it wasn’t super mayo-y.  Mayo-y, it’s a thing.

But the Spinach-Vidalia Dip stole the show.  I wish I had served it with ridged potato chips because I honestly think it would have taken me back to the beach when we used to dig into French Onion dip after a long morning at the beach.

While I love having plans with friends and family during the summer, it’s also super nice to have a few low-key weekends at home.  If you’re lucky enough to have one coming up, I highly recommend either of these appetizers.



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