Death & Taxes (restaurant review)

Morning!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – it was a hot one around here.  On Friday night we went out on a date to a restaurant that’s been on my list to visit for a while now (more on that in a minute) and Saturday was spent soaking up some rays by the pool and a relaxing night at home.  Sunday was a pretty low-key but we did manage to squeeze in a long walk.  A long, hot walk.

Death & Taxes celebrated a year of being open on Friday.  I honestly had no idea but it made me chuckle since I like to give restaurants a good 6 months before I try them out for the first time.  I had heard mixed reviews but I can honestly say I would go back in a heartbeat.


We arrived in enough time to grab a drink at the bar before taking our seats.  The bar isn’t anything crazy and next time I would go to another bar for a drink and then just arrive at our reservation time.  I started with a glass of cava and talked to the bartenders about the menu and their recommendations.

Once we were seated, I knew we would be in for a treat.  Our waitress was awesome.  I honestly can’t say enough positive things about the service.  And to be honest, the service was so good I’d go back had the food been bad.

But the food wasn’t bad.

We started with a couple of appetizers…


We ordered the roasted oysters with preserved lemon and chili butter as well as the charcuterie plate with grilled bread and pickles.  We don’t normally order oysters in June but they talked us into it and they were so good.  Not big oysters but the flavors were incredible.  I also really enjoyed the pate – my only complaint was that we didn’t have enough bread.

For dinner, I was torn and I ended up getting the roasted whole fish that they cut for you at the table.  Big Guy ordered the steak.  We also got the soft-shell crab to share and if I could do it again, that is all I would have ordered along with a side or two to share.


The soft-shell crab was one of the best bites of my life and hands-down the best soft shell crab I’ve ever had.  I want to go back tomorrow and order another one!

I also ordered a glass of sparkling rose and I ended up having a few glasses it was that good.


I must find this wine and buy a bottle of two!

Our date night was absolutely fantastic and I absolutely recommend Death & Taxes as a “must go” place in downtown Raleigh.



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