Friday Favorites

Well, well, well…

Life is, well, busy.  Between work at that farm, studying, barre classes and just life in general – I’ve been busy.  And the blog is where I’ve had to slack a little.  BUT I’m back.

It’s Friday and I have some delicious food planned for this weekend (including lots of zucchini).  Speaking of delicious food, here are some of my favorites from the past week (or three)!


Favorite Potluck Side Dish:  Green Goddess Potato Salad with Peas and Bacon.    This would go with just about anything grilled.  Now I just need to be invited to a summer shindig.


Favorite Layers:  Ginger Lemon Bars.  These would also be perfect for a potluck.  Or just just eating by myself.


Favorite Spicy:  Honey Chipotle Chicken Pizza.  YAS!  Unfortunately this is not happening Sunday.  But maybe the next?!?!


Favorite Pool Accessory:  Turkish Tie-Dye Kimono. I’m in need of a new cover-up.  This one looks cool, comfortable and absolutely chic.


Favorite Bowl for One:  Smoked Salmon and Strawberry Zucchini Noodle Pasta Salad.  I’m obsessing over this creamy avocado and smoked salmon bowl of deliciousness.  I want this for lunch every day next week.  Maybe even dinner.


Favorite Entertaining Menu:  Bo Ssam Dinner Party. Bo Ssam is simply slow-roasted pork shoulder served with lettuce, white rice and lots of sauces.  Oh, and margaritas would be the perfect cocktail.  Let’s have a party!


Favorite Summer:  The Best Garlic Burgers Ever. Despite it always being grilling season around our house, summertime is my favorite time to fire up the grill.  And burgers are about the most American thing you can throw on the grill.


Favorite Outdoor Oasis:  Black, White and Rad All Over.  I would never leave my backyard if this was outside my back door.


Favorite Weeknight Dinner:  Slow Cooker Beef Meatballs with Broccoli Rabe.  Crock-pot to the rescue!  Totally going on the dinner menu A to the SAP.


Favorite With Salt (and a side of Guac):  Coconut Margarita Slushies.  A good excuse to put the ice cream maker to use.  I think I’ll go ahead and make a pitcher.


I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend that is full of sunshine (and a glass of wine)!  Cheers.



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