Cheese, Rum Cake and Honey

Hi friends!  It’s a short work week for me and I am so excited to spend some time with family and simple relax.  This past weekend wasn’t the most fun weekend since I worked close to 40 hours.  BUT good did come out of the weekend – I discovered some amazing companies (local!) that I want to share with you.  At the start of the Got to Be NC Food Food, Wine and Beer fair, I decided that I was going to purchase something from a vendor each day.  So here’s what I ended up with:

Cape Fear Rum Cakes


This husband and wife team were actually right next to our booth so we chatted a lot over the three days.  Their rum cakes are ALL homemade in small batches.  They currently can be found in Southern Season, Whole Foods and you can order online.  I brought a few home and I can’t wait to share some with the family this weekend.

Goat Lady Dairy


I’ve had Goat Lady Dairy before as it’s available in Whole Foods.  But I had to stop by and grab some to bring home.  I also stocked up on goat cheese logs as well as the Providence Tallegio style cheese.  I’m so excited to snack on cheese and olives this Wednesday – we have a picnic planned!

Cloister Honey

Sourwood w/Jar

Honey isn’t something I have freaked out about…until recently.  I love honey on Greek yogurt and on cheese plates.  Big Guy joined me Sunday at the fair and we chose four different honeys to bring home.  I am going to be sure to savor the Bourbon Infused honey, the Ghost Pepper whipped honey, Lemon whipped honey (for sure adding to the cheese plate on Wednesdayt!), and some Sourwood Honey.  So sweet!


I hope you all are having a great week and while thing are a little quite around here this week – I promise to have some recipes later in the week or next week.



4 thoughts on “Cheese, Rum Cake and Honey

    • We had the pleasure of trying all of these products and they are delightful. I encourage you to seek these out and enjoy!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing these. I have actually taken field trips to the Goat Lady. Love the cheeses!!
    Looking so forward to our time together this weekend. I’m not sure our honey for your yogurt will measure up to these.

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