Wednesday Things.


1. I totally stole this idea from How Sweet It Is.

2. I have two new product finds that are not only delicious but great for snacking:  Just Beets and Cucumber Hummus.

3. Big Guy is better at making beds than I am.  It’s true.

4. He is also obsessive about removing stickers off bananas.  He says they weren’t grown in nature with stickers.

5. We watch a handful of shows regularly.  And one of them just got cancelled.  So since we won’t be watching Nashville anymore, I need something new to start DVRing.  Because let’s be honest – I don’t watch anything in real time.

6. Does anyone use their home phone anymore?!?!

7. Speaking of phones, I think it’s time for an upgrade of my iPhone.

8. This list makes me want to plan a road trip to every.single.state so that I can eat pizza.

9. We currently have about 12 years of pickled something in our fridge:  carrots, grapes, cukes (times 6), jalapeños….

10. I’m praying that our week of BLAH means a week of SUNSHINE next week.

11. I don’t want strawberry season to end.  (But I’m totally ready for tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs!!!!)



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