Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Grits + Sesame Spinach

Grits vs. Polenta

It’s a battle that’s forever happening in my kitchen.

And I bring it on myself.  I know that both are made from stone-ground corn so what’s the difference?!?!

I finally did a google search (why it took so long, I’ll never know) and here’s what I found:

While both grits and polenta are made from stone-ground cornmeal, “Southern grits and Italian polenta are traditionally made from two vastly different types of corn. How many times it’s milled and the fineness of the grind also differ. And then there’s the taste and texture.” – thekitchn.com

I agree, there is a difference but I also think that in most recipes they are interchangeable. (Don’t send hate mail if you disagree.)

I grew up eating grits – grits with cheese and butter.  Oh, yes.  I mean, I used to have cheese grits as an afternoon snack after school.  Seriously.

I’ve always loved grits.  But I also love polenta.

To me, polenta is a little firmer and and smoother while grits are a little more “watery” and grainy.

And all this to say, while the original recipe called for polenta – I had grits.  And it turned out FANTASTIC.

This is one of those recipes that I wish I could make again.  As in today.

I used ground beef (95/5) instead of turkey but kept the remaining ingredients the same.  A little heat, a little sweet, a little sour and a lot of savory.

It’s incredibly delicious.  And for a little green, sesame spinach on the side.


I promise you’ll love this Asian twist on meatballs.

Regardless of whether you serve them on top of polenta or grits.


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