Friday Favorites

I feel like I haven’t done a traditional “Friday Favorites” in forever!  Technically it’s only been two weeks but boy have I hoarded some favorites.  This week it’s felt like March or April and I’m so over it.  Bring on the flowers and sunshine.  We have quite the busy weekend but it should be a fun one.

But before I get to my favorites, Happy Momma’s Day to all the Mothers, Moms, Mommies, Mamas and Mommas out there.  And an especially Happy Day to my own dear, sweet Momma and my two mother-in-laws that I love dearly.

Happy almost-Weekend, y’all!


Favorite Combo:  Burrata + Strawberries.  If you’ve never had burrata, you’re missing out.  Unfortunately it’s like the hardest ingredient to find but it’s divine.  On the outside burrata is simply mozzarella, but on the inside, oh on the inside, there’s fresh curd and cream and is absolutely luscious.


Favorite Fashion:  Gingham Halter Top. Gingham is SO hot right now.  This top plus white pants would be my dream Memorial Day outfit.


Favorite Obsessed:  Pimiento Cheese Chicken Salad on Honey Butter Biscuits.  If I were throwing a Derby Party tomorrow night, THESE would be on the menu.  No questions asked.


Favorite Tropical: Piña Colada Blondies.  We totally just got back from a mini-vacation but I can’t help but dream of a tropical vacation.  I guess I’ll just escape in a dreamland with one of these in my hand.


Favorite List:  The Best Wine to Drink on a Boat.  I also think any of these wines would be perfect on the back deck, next to a pool or at the beach.


Favorite Dip:  Loaded Hummus.  I’ve been craving a homemade hummus.  Whipped until smooth and silky.  And yes, peeling the chickpeas does make a difference!


Favorite Details:  Lindsey’s Kitchen:  The Final Reveal.  I love everything about this kitchen. The textures, the colors, the…everything!


Favorite Belated Celebration:  Steak Fajitas with Chimichurri and Cucumber Salsa.  Social media was blowing up yesterday with alllllllllll the margaritas, tacos and guacamole.  And I feel like I missed out.


Favorite Ingredient:  Lemon Brioche Pull-Apart Bread.  I love lemons.  I really, really do.  I love the juice, I love the zest – I love them in savory dishes and sweet treats.  I always have at least one lemon on hand.  This bread would be the perfect slow Sunday breakfast.


Favorite Weekend:  Pineapple Mint Julep Margarita.  Can’t decide what to celebrate this weekend?  Celebrate it all!  It’s a little more margarita than julep – but that’s how I like it.



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