Mushroom and Charred Corn Tacos with Guacamole

While I won’t be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta and a margarita due to a meeting, I highly suggest you whip up some tacos or guacamole tomorrow.  Last week we enjoyed these tacos and even though they are meatless, they are full of flavor.  Big Guy’s favorite component was the chipotle crema.

The taco filling is a mixture of charred corn, sautéed poblano and mushrooms and garlic.  The mushrooms give the taco a little “meatiness” and the corn adds a fantastic texture.  But the real flavor comes from the quick guacamole and the chipotle crema.  To make the guac, simple mash an avocado with fresh chopped cilantro, diced red onion, lime juice and a good sprinkle of salt (the key to any good guac!).  You could add jalapeño if you’re a fan of heat but I love the smokiness of chipotle so I didn’t want to mask that flavor.

Like I said, one of the best parts of these tacos is the crema – and it’s honestly only two ingredients:  adobo sauce (from a can/jar of chipotle peppers) and Greek yogurt.  That’s it!

To make the tacos, spread some guac on a corn tortilla, top with the mushrooms-corn mixture and then drizzle on some crema. Finally, top with a sprinkle of salty feta.  Fold and devour.


So many flavors.

Guacamole makes anything a party.

So does a margarita.


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