Friday Favorites {third anniversary edition}

Good morning!!!  It’s hard to believe (well, sometimes) that in a matter of days we’ll be celebrating our third anniversary.  It’s amazing looking back how fast this third year of marriage flew by.  I thought I’d do a little something different today and look back on the past year and share some of my favorite memories.  I’m sure I forgot something and this is no way inclusive of the past 365(ish) days but it’s my way of celebrating the adventures from the past year.  I hope you have the most amazing weekend and I can’t share our long weekend with you later next week.


Favorite Morning:  My perfect morning with Big Guy happens when we’re at Ocean Isle Beach.  Sleep in a little (past 6am), a long walk, and breakfast at Drift.  We’ve had several of these mornings over the past year and they’re the best – especially during the “off” season at the beach.


Favorite Repeat Offenders:  Oh, Mura, we love you.  We try and go at least once a month and we’ve gotten to know the employees along with the Chef quite well.  It’s a short drive away from home and we can’t help going back over and over again.


Favorite All Dolled Up:  I love dressing up – and so does Big Guy.  We had a great time getting fancy and spending time with his family this past September.


Favorite Bucket List:  We checked homemade pasta off the bucket list a month or so ago and I’m looking forward to checking off more items in the coming year.


Favorite Day Date:  For my birthday, we had brunch at a new spot in town,Joule, and it was one of my favorite dates during the day (and a Sunday).


Favorite Laugh:  I seriously can’t help but laugh when I look at this.  I always knew I was married to an old soul.


Favorite Sunset:  Another weekend at Ocean Isle Beach – but this was in October.  It was so calm and quiet and absolutely perfect.


Favorite Meal:  This past year we had the opportunity to dine at ONE Restaurant in Chapel Hill.  The restaurant actually closed this month so I am so glad we were able to enjoy a phenomenal dinner complete with tasting menu.  A seriously amazing meal.


Favorite Travel with Friends:  Asheville wasn’t quite as far as Sonoma and we didn’t drink nearly as much wine, but it was the most perfect weekend getaway.  We ate, we laughed and we ate some more.


Favorite Sunday Tradition:  PIZZA!  It doesn’t happen every Sunday but it happens more often than not if we’re home on a Sunday.  Oh, and sharing a bottle of wine only makes the tradition better.


Favorite Weekend:  The truth is, we have a lot of amazing memories.  But the other truth is that we spend a lot of time apart.  Our weekends are so sacred to us both.  But my favorite weekend of our third year of marriage would have to be our late summer long beach weekend.  School had started back, so there weren’t a lot of “tourist.”  The weather was amazing.  And we spent the entire weekend enjoying each other’s company.  Long walks, sleeping in, Drift dates, cocktail time, cannonballs, corn hole, home cooked meals with no set bed time…

Cheers to the weekend!!!!



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