Sweet Potato Bread

By now most of you know that when I have company coming into town I bake muffins.  But did you know that most Fridays if we’re planning to be home for the weekend I bake bread?

It’s true.  I think it’s nice to have a little something to nibble on in the morning (or as a snack) and it’s a change of pace from the normal Monday through Friday routine.

But seriously – what isn’t too love about homemade bread?  Or any other baked goodie for that matter?

This sweet potato bread is inspired by carrot cake (Big Guy’s favorite) and I knew he would flip over a slice of this raisin-studded, pecan-filled loaf that also included some homegrown sweet potato.

The loaf of bread is then topped with a light cream cheese frosting that has a fresh lemon zing.

It’s perfection.  And I can already tell you that this recipe immediately got filed in the “make again” folder.




5 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Bread

  1. My little guys are obsessed with muffins! I’ve been looking for some new recipes and love that it doesn’t have a ton of sugar!

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