Wasabi-Ginger Deviled Eggs

I’m super-duper homesick.  I guess that’s what an amazing weekend with family does to you.  I hope you all had the same kind of amazingness this past Easter weekend.  We spent Friday night with Big Guy’s parents where we were in charge of dinner.  It was wonderful to spend time with them and catch up.  Saturday we were up early and went on a walk before heading to OIB to see my family.  Everyone was in town and we had a blast.  All the Bell siblings grabbed drinks together and then it was time for Easter dinner.  Big Guy and I decided to make a berry-glazed ham, a golden beet salad and wasabi-ginger deviled eggs.  I didn’t think that the wasabi-ginger deviled eggs would disappear so fast!

You either love deviled eggs or you hate ’em.  I have always loved them and Big Guy just started liking them a couple of years ago.  To make these Asian-Inspired eggs, boil a dozen eggs and let them cool slightly.  Once cooled, peel and divide in half.  With the yolks, combine may0 (only Duke’s), chopped cilantro, ginger, wasabi paste, and lime juice.  Place in a ziplock bag and cut off the end so that it’s easy to pipe into the egg halves.  Top with some sesame seeds and you’re ready to serve to your guests.

I prepped everything in advance and simply piped the mixture into the eggs right before we ate.  A great make-ahead appetizer and/or side dish.


These will definitely happen again next Easter – but this time I’ll make three dozen.

I actually ended up making them again last night because Big Guy and I had to split one on Saturday and he wanted more.

Deviled eggs:  love ’em or hate ’em?


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