Believe it or not, I take a lot more photos on my phone that never make it onto a social media platform (insta, snapchat, Facebook, or the blog).  Why?  Because not everything is “so awesome everyone needs to know about it.”  So here is a peak at the past week of my life via outtakes.  (AKA – photos you probably have no interest in)


On this day last week, we were threatened with tornadoes.  Big Guy wasn’t around and when we lost power, I took myself, a flashlight (that wasn’t easy to find), a blanket and some water into my “safe room” along with my iPad so I could stream the news to know if I was about to be a goner. True life.  So glamorous, eh?



My newest obsession.  And I have my mother to blame for this one.  Over Christmas I used one of my momma’s beauty products to try and soothe my dry skin and I ended up loving it so much that I bought some.  Well, along with the purchase I got some free samples.  And now I want them all.  In the full size.


About that tornado…



So I finally caved and tried Fabletics.  I’ve randomly put stuff in my virtual shopping cart multiple times but I never pulled the trigger.  Instead I would just “X” out in fear of things not fitting.  Well I finally made a purchase and I really like what I got.  Enough to place another order for the month of March.  Above are new workout pants and a new sweatshirt.

car wash

My car is constantly 50 shades of dirty.  So to impress Big Guy, I went and got a car wash without being told to do so AND I paid for it with my own money.  #bestwifeever


If only you guys knew how many things I make that take hideous photos so I never share them.  These stuffed mushrooms were absolutely incredible but absolutely horrendous in pictures.

What would people find if they looked through your past week of photos that went unpublished?


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