Friday Favorites

Well, well, well…Our first Friday in February.  The shortest month of the year.  And if it goes by as fast as January did, we’ll be entering into Spring in no time (heck yes).  I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.  My weekend is a mix of work and play – date night tonight, working a wedding on Saturday and then there’s a bottle of bubbles with my name on it for Super Bowl Sunday.  #sundayfunday  And no, I still have no idea what our menu is – thanks for asking!

Here are my favorites from around the WWW for the week:


Favorite Crunch:  Cheddar Chive Crackers.  Cheesy carbs are my love language.  How fun would these be on a cheese plate?


Favorite Stuffed:  Peanut Butter Pretzels with Peanut Butter Ganache Filling.  I had not even considered making something sweet for Sunday.  Until now.  Because peanut butter + chocolate + pretzels equals the best idea ever.


Favorite Update:  The Dreaded “Boob” Light.  LOL.  We totally have a few of those.  And it didn’t bother me until now.  Erin featured some “affordable” options but I totally would rather have “fancy.”  I’m obsessing over #2, #8, #18.


Favorite Mini:  Baby Blooming Onions.  Bite-sized deliciously crispy onions. Aren’t they adorable?


Favorite DIY:  How to Make an Edible Football Stadium.  I couldn’t help myself.


Favorite Comfort:  Creamy Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese.  What is it with carbs and cheese? I want to dive in fork-first.


Favorite Dip:  Hot Bacon Cherry Pepper Hummus with Pizza Pita Chips.  Trashed up hummus?  I’m in.


Favorite Inspiration:  Artist Karin Olah.  So there is a funky little place in Raleigh called Furbish.  I get their e-blasts and this week she had a pop-up shot with this artist.  She had sold out by early afternoon but the coolest part of the painting is that she incurorates vintage fabrics into the works of art.


Favorite Simple Dinner:  Orange Marmalade Skillet Roasted Chicken Breasts.  I adore citrus and this would be a fantastic weeknight dinner.


Favorite Super Bowl Sunday:  Carolina Panther Blue Cocktail.  No explanation needed.


Go Panthers!

p.s. I will be watching – my Dad and brothers are in the stands!!!




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