Cinnamon Roll Toast

There are more recipes on my radar than I’ll ever be able to actually make and try.  It’s actually quite sad.  And stressful.  Our most difficult decisions these days involve “what are we going to make?”

But sometimes there is a recipe that I can’t get off my mind – and sometimes it’s not really even a recipe.

When I posted cinnamon roll toast on Friday Favorites last month, I knew it had to happen.

It’s so, so simple and would be perfect for breakfast or a snack.  But I can’t lie – I had it for dinner.  With some scrambled eggs to round out the plate.


Here’s the 2-minute recipe:

– Toast up a couple slices of bread.  (I went with a gluten-free bread I had stashed in the freezer.)

– Slather on a little coconut butter.  (this mimics the icing on a cinnamon roll)

– Sprinkle with cinnamon.

– Dot with a few raisins.

Ta-da!  Cinnamon Roll Toast.

And it seriously tasted like a cinnamon roll.


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