Seared Flank Steak with Parmesan Polenta and Broccolini

Sorry about the disappearing act!  I totally checked out on Sunday (from my lap top, that is) and refused to let Monday ruin half of my weekend.  I sit here on Monday evening typing this up after a 10 plus hour work day and I can’t help but smile.  “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

So today I bring to you a recipe that’s fancy enough for a weekend and a good bottle of wine but also simple enough that it would make a great week night dinner, too.  The key is quality ingredients (I know, I can be a broken record sometimes).

The recipe is from Cooking Light, but I jazzed up the flank steak with a recipe in one of my cookbooks.  (seriously – one of my favorite cookbooks ever.)  I let the beef marinate overnight in a marinade made up of tamari (or soy sauce), rice wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, ginger and honey.  Once it was time for dinner, I let the steak come to room temperature (sit out for an hour or so) and then cooked it in a hot cast iron skillet for about 3 minutes on each side and allowed it to sit in the pan until it reached the desired temp (medium-rare).  Allow the beef to rest for 10 minutes on a cutting board before slicing.

With the beef, I served parmesan polenta (simply grits cooked in milk with parmesan and chives stirred in at the end) and sautéed broccolini that were finished with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.


And now I’m off to brainstorm my Super Bowl menu.  And yes, it’ll take all week to make those big decisions.


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