Pasta with Meyer Lemon Cream and Parsley

A common theme around these parts is me trying to use up ingredients before they go to waste.  One of the number one ingredients that I find myself always having to throw out is ricotta cheese.  Last week I bought a container for our pizza that we had on Sunday but I only used about half a cup.  That leaves basically the entire container of ricotta leftover.  And I really, really hate throwing away food.  Especially when they’re quality ingredients.

A quick internet search (what did we do before the WWW) and I found the perfect recipe.  I had everything on hand except for a Meyer lemon.  (Honestly, I don’t even keep those on hand – I bet Ina does.)  Thankfully I was able to get my hands on a beautiful Meyer lemon and I was all in to devour a bowl of pasta with Meyer lemon cream and parsley. 

This dinner is also a great example of making a few swaps so you don’t have to buy as  many ingredients.  The recipe called for bucatini but I used the gluten-free noodles I had on hand.  The recipe also called for chives but with my parsley on it’s last leg, I decided to swap one green herb for another.  And finally, I keep half-and-half in my fridge for my morning fix (aka COFFEE) so I used that instead of whipping cream.

Don’t let recipes scare you!  They are simply a skeleton.  Dinner was on the table in no time – boiling the water and cooking the pasta took the longest!

I finished my pasta with a little extra black pepper cracked on top because I love fresh pepper.


Decadent yet healthy, bright yet totally comforting.

A carb-a-licious bowl of pasta.



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