Cheddar and Broccoli Sweet Potatoes

Knowing that Monday was going to be super busy, I picked this recipe in confidence that Big Guy could help get dinner started just in case I got home later than expected.  And I did get home later than expected – an hour later.  Thankfully Big Guy is fully capable of moving around the kitchen so I asked him to pop the potatoes in the oven so they would be tender and ready to be stuffed once I arrive home.  And if you are really running short on time, you can totally throw the potatoes in the microwave and this recipe will come together in 15 minutes.


I rarely take the time to cook sweet potatoes in the oven but they are so must better than cooking them in the microwave.  The broccoli and cheese topping is super easy, too. Sauté a little (or a lot) of garlic in some olive oil and then add in the chopped broccoli florets.  Add in a little water (or broth) and put the lid on the skillet to allow the broccoli to steam.  After a few minutes, remove the lid and add in crushed red pepper, salt and the cheese.  Mmmm, cheese.  Cook for a minute or until the cheese is melted.

That’s it!  Split the potato and add a little sprinkle of salt before topping with the broccoli and cheese mixture.

So good.

So simple.



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