Frittata with Tuna and Tomatoes

I adore cookbooks.  I could look through cookbooks all day long.  And if I’m ever lost in Barnes and Noble, I guarantee I’m on the cookbook aisle.

And despite my love for cookbooks, I most often cook recipes from Cooking Light or from one of my favorite blogs.  When I first get a cookbook, I cook multiple recipes from it within weeks.  But then it gets placed on a shelf and kind of forgotten about.  Kind of like children and toys, I suppose.

Last night I pulled out a cookbook.  I didn’t need my iPad or my lap top or a print out of the recipe.  All I had to do was open the book and flip through the pages.

I went back and forth but finally settled on a recipe for a frittata with tuna and tomatoes {the linked recipe has a mascarpone topping that is not in the cookbook}.

I’ve made frittatas before but I can honestly say that I haven’t ever put tuna in my frittata.  And while I really do love tuna in a can, it’s not something I find myself cooking with often.  As Giada recommends, I used tuna canned in olive oil and I simply drained it over the sink while flaking it.  The other not-so-normal ingredient is anchovy paste.  Don’t be scared – it simply adds saltiness and depth to the recipe.  But I honestly think you could leave it out.  I can’t lie though – I had some on hand and was a little excited to use it since it’s not an ingredient I use often.

The rest of the ingredients are simple:  6 eggs, a little milk (I used almond milk), fresh herbs (I used oregano), salt and pepper.

Into the hot pan with butter and EVOO, the whisked egg mixture is added to the pan where it cooks for about 5 minutes.  Tomatoes are added on top and then cooked for a little longer before finishing in the oven.

The part about this dinner that most impressed me:  the “crust” that formed.  I think the butter is to thank for that.

What’s your favorite cookbook?



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