Veggie-Packed Bolognese

Remember how I promised another “flipped” recipe?  In this Veggie-Packed Bolognese, there is still beef in the sauce.  But instead of there being more meat than sauce sitting atop a mountain of pasta, there’s a little beef, lots of veggies and spices and “boodles” (butternut squash noodles).

It is absolutely insane how “meaty” the bolognese tastes with only 6 ounces of meat in the entire recipe.  In addition to the beef, there is onion, mushrooms, carrots, celery – the two types of mushrooms add an intense flavor that mimics that of beef.  Other components of the sauce:  tomato sauce, tomato paste, crushed red pepper, oregano, and walnuts.  Yes, walnuts.  They provide a little nuttiness and lots of texture.

The recipe originally calls for a combo of “real” noodles and “boodles.”  We decided to use only “boodles” made with my new spiralizer and they were awesome.  So fun!  I think kids would get a kick out of creating noodles from a variety of veggies.

veggie packed bolognese

And you can’t have bolognese without cheese!  Freshly shaved parmesan finishes this meaty and delicious veggie-packed bolognese.

Do you have a spiralizer?  I’m most looking forward to trying it out with cucumbers and sweet potatoes (hello, sweet potato fries)!


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