Happy New Year!  I don’t put a lot of weight on resolutions.  My younger self made a lot of resolutions and they were broken within weeks.  My 32 year old self sets goals for the coming year that are meaningful and realistic.

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Read more.  I did really well at the beginning of 2015 and even over the summer.  But come fall, my reading drops dramatically.  This year I want to finish my list from Fall of 2015 (oops!) plus read 10 additional books.

Focus on happiness.  Not every day is going to be full of tulips and sunshine.  But I can make the decision to be happy every.single.day.

Be the best me.  Practice being patient and gracious.  Nourish my marriage and friendships.

Practice and study to become a Core Barre instructor.  I’ve been a group fitness fanatic for years now.  It started in college at Gold’s Gym where I attended cycle and body pump classes and ultimately got hooked.  Today I attend group fitness classes every morning at 5am – it keeps me motivated and it starts the day off on a positive note.  Now I’m taking my love for barre workouts and my passion for group fitness to the next level.  In April, I will attend an intense 3-day teacher training in Charlotte.  I am nervous, scared and so excited.


So tell me…What are your goals for 2016?


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