Mushroom and Chicken Marsala Bowl

In the most recent issue of Cooking Light, there is a feature section that “flips” a few recipes:  more plants, less meat.  The reason for this flip is simple:  American’s eat way too much meat.  In fact, most American’s eat twice the recommended amount of animal protein while on 14% of us are eating enough plants.  {source}

Wait, wait, wait…I’m not turning into a vegetarian.  While I do eat lots of vegetarian meals, I love steak, chicken, fish, pork, BACON.  The “flip” is simply a way to reduce the amount meat and increase the amount of veggies.

Traditional chicken marsala has three times more meat than veggies and after the flip there is three times more veggies than meat.  And instead of serving the chicken and mushrooms over white pasta, this mushroom and chicken marsala is served over a bed of quinoa – a powerhouse of nutrients.

The quinoa is cooked in beef stock (it’s what I had on hand – feel free to use chicken broth) to give even more flavor to the dish.  With the chicken and mushrooms is sautéed spinach, lots of sliced garlic, fresh thyme and a sauce that’s made with beef stock, marsala wine, mustard plus salt and pepper.

The end result was ridiculously satisfying.

Meaty, rich and buttery.

This “flipped” dinner was so delicious I have a feeling you’ll see another edition of “flipped” soon.


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