Peppered White Bean, Kale and Egg Stack

Last night I had a “kitchen milestone.”  I finally prepared a poached egg correctly.  Make that two correctly poached eggs.

In the past, either the water is too hot or the water is too cold and the egg whites separate from the yolk.

The perfectly poached egg was sitting atop a bed of peppered white beans, sautéed kale and then topped with a salsa.  The peppered white bean mixture was simply a can of white beans brought to a boil with a little water and then simmered for a few minutes.  The beans were then removed from the heat and I added in some pepper and lemon zest plus a little parmesan cheese.  The kale was sautéed in a little EVOO until wilted.  The salsa was a simple mix of diced white onion, diced tomato, lemon juice and a little more EVOO plus salt and pepper.

The end result was creamy and full of flavor.  I loved the addition of the lemon zest in the white beans and the tomato salsa had a punch of flavor from minced garlic.  And the runny egg yolk acted as a dressing for the entire bowl.

This dinner and my perfectly poached egg might make up for the eight or ten sausage balls I consumed on Christmas morning.


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