“Appy” Hour Recipe Round-Up

I typically do “Friday Favorites” each week to showcase a few of my favorites finds from the week.  Since Friday is Christmas and I’ll be spending time with family (and I hope you are, too) I thought I would do something a little different this week.  Today I present to you 9 appetizer recipes that I’m drooling over at this moment.  Between Christmas and New Years Eve and all.the.football.games, I know that I’ll be making a few appetizers.  Perhaps you’re in need of an idea or two, too.

So here are my “Friday Favorites” on Wednesday – and their all “appy” hour appropriate!

Favorite Spin:  Roasted Poblano Pimiento Cheese with Buttermilk.   The perfect appetizer to have on hand since it only get better with time.  Simply serve with crackers for scooping. And I love the addition of poblanos and pepper jack cheese for a little kick on the classic recipe.


Favorite Sweet and Savory:  Goat Cheese with Cherry Onion Compote.  I could live on cheese and crackers.  I bet these little bites would disappear in no time.


Favorite Combination: Caramelized Pineapple, Ham and Cheese Turnovers.   I’m obsessed.  And I think Big Guy would adore these little guys.  Cheesy, sweet, savory, flakey, buttery, EVERYTHING!


Favorite Melted:  Croque Monsieur Crostini. Another excuse to use Lusty Monk Mustard!  But honesty, cheese + carbs = life.


Favorite Slurp:  Roasted Cauliflower and Fennel Sausage Soup. So technically this isn’t an appetizer.  BUT you can totally turn it into one by making it mini.  Simply serve the soup in shot glasses and it’s instantly an appetizer.  Boom.


Favorite Dunk:  Thai Butternut Squash Dip.   I cannot get over these flavors!  And I love anything served with pita wedges or chips.  Chile paste. Coconut milk.  Sesame oil.  And those are just three of the flavor bombs.


Favorite Must-Have:  Fontina, Roasted Garlic and Goat Cheese Arancini. I’ve had homemade arancini on the brain for a few months now.  And I’m now craving these little bites of goodness.


Favorite Layered Chips: Brown Ale Duck Nachos. Who wouldn’t want pimped out nachos to snack on?


Favorite Easy: Nutty Blue Cheese Spread. Do you have 6 minutes?  Then you have time to prep this appetizer (5 minutes) and grab some crackers and wine (1 minute).


Favorite Bubbles: Iron Horse.  Bubbles go with ANYTHING, hence why I suggest you have a few bottles on hand this time of year.  Honestly, this is not the bubbles I would serve at a party (La Marca is my go-to bubbles that don’t break the bank) but they are my favorite bubbles.  So if you’re looking to splurge or it’s a party for two, I highly suggest you give toast with a glass of Iron Horse.


Cheers!  And happy partying.



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