Honey and Sesame-Glazed Chicken with Green Beans

Crunch time!

In between wrapping presents and and shuffling to and from every social gathering possibly, I’m sure everyone needs a quick and easy dinner that requires minimal ingredients and prep.

And guess what, Honey and Sesame-Glazed Chicken with Green Beans is both of those.

Not only does the recipe only take 20 minutes from start to finish but it only requires 9 ingredients.

The sweetness of the honey and the nuttiness of the sesame oil pair perfectly with the tangy whole-grain mustard.

I mentioned Lusty Monk Mustard yesterday and I’m mentioning it again today – it is THAT good.

We tried Lusty Monk for the first time in Asheville and ended up purchasing a jar – we’re already planning on ordering more.  It’s local and absolutely incredible.

I used a mixture of breasts and thighs when I prepared this dinner and both worked wonderfully.

The beans are simply tossed with a little butter, salt, pepper and pecans for some more nuttiness and crunch.

The perfect dinner the week of Christmas – because your “To Do” list keeps growing and your time keeps dwindling.



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