I’ve always loved being in the kitchen – especially around the holidays.  I have vivid memories of baking banana bread and pizzelles with my Momma and sister to share with neighbors and friends.  I suppose I take after my mother because I love giving homemade goodies to friends this time of the year.  Last year I think I made 11 bundt cakes!

On Monday, I took the afternoon off work so that I could have a marathon Christmas goodie-making extravaganza.  I recommend not setting yourself up for disaster by picking a minimal number of goodies to tackle.  This year I went with three.

2-Ingredient Palmiers

Muddy Buddy Pecans

Chocolate Gingerbread Bundt Cake

christmas goodies

And after spending the better part of the afternoon and evening in the kitchen, my grand totals were 5 bundt cakes, 64 cookies and 12 cups of pecans.

I packaged them up and they were ready for delivery.

When I delivered my first round of cakes on Tuesday morning to a few of the men at the gym, I remembered why I love gifting edible goodies so much.  Between hugs and texts at 8:30 am that say “your cake is delicious, thanks again” it feels so good to give unexpected gifts to your friends.


Do you have any favorite Christmas goodies that you love baking for others?


2 thoughts on “#bakeitforward

  1. I also love making baked goods for gifts! On my list this year is banana bread, Christmas Crack, and 7 layer cookie bars. I bought a jumbo bag of pecans at Costco that I have barely touched. That muddy buddy pecan recipe will be perfect to use them up!

    • Oh my goodness – Christmas Crack is truly one of the most addicting things on the face of the earth. And I would highly recommend the muddy buddy pecans – a great use of pecans. Happy baking!

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