Next Adventure…Asheville

Truth:  Big Guy and I have never been to the mountains together.

And we’ve been together almost 8 years.

That never is about to change.  We have a fun weekend getaway with our BFFs (best food friends) coming up to visit Asheville, NC.  I am so excited that we’re going in December because I’ve always wanted Big Guy to see the Biltmore at Christmas.  I went with my family while I was in college and it is simply breathtaking.  I have a feeling that Big Guy is going to be speechless and at awe.  So obviously that’s a “must do” (and don’t worry, tickets have been purchased).


Other than the Biltmore, we don’t have many other plans.  Well, besides eating and drinking.

We have two dinner reservations up to this point:  Curate (which has been on my list for years) and Rhubarb.    We also have brunch reservations one morning at Corner Kitchen.  

Here are some other places on my radar:

  • Biscuit Head – I’m determined to make it here one morning.  The Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuit is blowing my mind.
  • French Broad Chocolates – I’ve been before but I’m dying to take Sarah.
  • Over Easy– I’m fairly certain I’m going to need the “Detox Juice” at some point on this trip.
  • Gan Shan Station – I’ve heard nothing but good reviews and it looks really unique.
  • White Duck Taco – This is on Ryan’s radar – even if we just stop for a “snack.”

Obviously we’ll go to a few breweries but I’m leaving that up to the men.  And I have a feeling that Sarah and I will convince the guys to pop into a few shops here and there.

What am I missing?

Where’s the best coffee?

p.s. I found this “guide” to Asheville Restaurants and I’m pretty sure I need to plan about 18 more trips so I can eat all.the.things.




2 thoughts on “Next Adventure…Asheville

  1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am so envious of your itinerary. We honeymooned there 25 years ago and it is indeed breathtaking!!

  2. I don’t drink coffee but the double decker bus that is downtown is really good. Also white duck is amazing, best tacos I’ve ever had. Curate is so good and so is corner kitchen. Enjoy Asheville!

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